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Published on Apr 10, 2019


Ryan Ottley, artist of Invincible (and, for the occasion, was made a special edition variant of the number 64, which contains the story arc Reboot?, in only one thousand numbered copies that the author has had the pleasure of signing to the fans), as well as the creator, writer and artist of the Grizzlyshark, back to Italy and landed for the first time in the Eternal City, to withdraw the Romics Gold delivered to him in this 25th edition of the fair.

MangaForever, thanks to saldaPress he met the american artist, helpful and smiling despite the fatigue of the journey and the jet lag, which would discourage anyone... but certainly not a designer of superhero!

Hello Ryan, welcome back to Italy and welcome to Rome. What are your feelings in being here and receiving the Romics d'oro?

I'm really excited about being here, is my first time in Rome even though I was already was in Italy last year, in Lucca, thanks to saldaPress. It was fantastic, I could not wait to go back in your country! It is really nice to be here, to receive this prize, visit a city full of art like Rome...the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel, it's great to be here.

Let's get into the specific: what were your influences to approach it in a comic book of the superhero genre as Invincible or Amazing Spider-Man, and what, instead, you inspiration for Grizzlyshark?

I have definitely had different influences to give shape to my art, Grizzlyshark is more my style, and certainly for Invincible I had as a model the great tradition and prosthetics which, on the other hand, I fell in love with as a boy. When I first started reading comics, with a number of Amazing Spiderman drawn by Todd McFarland, I immediately thought, ‘this is the kind of art that I want to do!’ and working in the world of comics became my dream. He was my model, and then there are many people that have inspired me, many who have worked for Image Comics or in the movie world, are all part of my style which is also difficult to find them individually, because I truly love the work of so many people. Perhaps, in addition to that of McFarland, I would make the name of Mike Mignola, especially for the composition of the layout...and then, always focusing on the setting of the table, but also Greg Capullo, Erik Larsen, Jack Kirby certainly, all with a’ setting truly dynamic.

The Romics d'oro celebrates, in addition to your style, even your career, but it certainly does not have intention to stop there. The next projects?

There are currently very busy with The Amazing Spider-man, to whom work for a year and for which I still have the contract for another year, maybe, will be renewed. I think I'll focus on this, and I will try to do my best.

Many thanks for the availability of Ryan, despite the travel and the jet lag. Congratulations for your work and for the prize!

Thank you!

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