Interview with Roberto Recchioni: “I am inspired by Robert Kirkman but Mark Millar” – Lucca Comics & Games 2017


Published on Nov 08, 2017


Roberto Recchioni is at this time the most influential person in the panorama of Italian comics.

Is increasingly taking on the role of a man of the market, as well as that of writer, capable of ferrying the Sergio Bonelli in fact the editorial of the new millennium, to create the first universe comics, totally Made in Italy with the Cosmos, to put in contact the film with the Italian comics, his Monolith was the first film produced by Sergio Bonelli. And during the Lucca Comics & Games 2017 was announced in a story for a miniseries dedicated to The Raven, which is supervised by the same James O Barr, and that will be published simultaneously in Italy (Edizioni DB) and the United States (IDW publishing).

Therefore, we did not miss the opportunity to interview him during the Lucca Comics & Games 2017. Here is the report of the interview.

In a few years Sergio Bonelli have given back life to Dylan Dog and created new intellectual property from Orphans to 4Hoods. You think you are the deus ex machina of the publishing house via Buonarroti?

I don't believe in deus ex machina, rather I think I was the right person at the right time. They are part of a big change, and we were both in the middle. Several things I would have made anyway, even without Sergio Bonelli, as they would have implemented a number of initiatives-even if there was not, was me. We intent and we found, that's all.

This year's edition of Lucca Comics & Games is being characterized for the presence of Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead and the champion of a revolution within the comics market american and not only. T inspire a little bit of his model?

I have to say that my model is not Kirkman, but Mark Millar. I prefer Millar, both as a writer and as a man the company.

A couple of months after Sergio Bonelli, to resume the rights of exploitation of the media of Dylan Dog. Is there any project for television, film or videogame in processing dedicated to the Investigator of the Nightmare, which you can tell us something?

We can still talk about anything, but it is clear that the effort made to recapture the media rights to Dylan Dog is not a will only lead to the production of key chains.

On the subject of movies and television: in a post on Facebook you made mention of the fact that you're working on the script of a film that you should conduct yourself. You can confirm this thing?

I'm starting to work in a different way with the cinema and the television. For the moment it is still early to talk about it, because even up to when in the cinema, the product arrives in the room is not true. I can only anticipate that I'm working on a screenplay of the horror genre.

Roberto Recchioni during the interview at the stand of the Sergio Bonelli Editore

You have presented during this Lucca Comics & Games 2017 your new project: 4Hoods (here our review). Can you tell us what kind of comic will it be?

4Hoods is a series of Young, but written and designed to reach a public of all ages, because the language and the references to pop culture will surely be the most adult. It is a fantasy novel that puts you at the center of the adventure.

Speaking of fantasy, with the same 4Hoods and with your novel, Ya (of which the second chapter The Process is in the library from 31 October) you're putting the hand of a usually very inflated. How are you trying to make an original contribution to the fantasy?

I would say that fantasy is a genre inflated, especially by the foreign authors, in Italy no. Therefore, in recent years some writers Licia Troisi, Vanni Santoni, and I I I also, we are trying to create a current Italian fantasy. With Ya I'm completing the first trilogy, and after we will decide how to proceed for the future.

You have in mind to make Ya even a comic book?

Also. For now we are mainly a role-playing game and a tv series or a movie.

Last question. What can we expect from the future of Dylan Dog?

To October 2018 will begin phase three, which will be characterized by the publication of 12 albi in continuity, with stories linked. To precede this event will be the release in the summer of Dylan Dog written by Dario Argento and designed by Corrado Roi.

Interview with Roberto Recchioni: “I am inspired by Robert Kirkman but Mark Millar” – Lucca Comics & Games 2017 is




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