Interview with Prenzy: “my cartoons and anti-fascist to stir the conscience”


Published on Apr 23, 2018


Francis “Prenzy” Chiappara is part of that group of cartoonists emerging (indeed, already widely identified) of the “school” of palermo brothers Rincione. Not surprisingly, he and Rincione have emerged in the same period, thanks to an art collective called Pee Show, founded by themselves some years ago.

Today Prenzy has become a figure of reference, even for those comics don't read them. The designer of palermo, in fact, especially in recent months, rose to prominence social thanks to its illustrations and anti-fascist. And in a period in which we often speak of young people distant from politics, messages often strike twice.

We had the opportunity to interview him during the Cosenza Comics and Games 2018 (held from 20 to 22 April at the Boys ' Town), where he was present along with the publishing house Bugs Comics, for whom she designed a story published in the anthology Gangster.

Hello Francis, welcome to MangaForever. Let's start from the beginning: how did you begin your path to a cartoonist?

Hello to all. Therefore, immediately after having attended the School of comics of Palermo, I started to work for the United States. In the meantime, I founded together with his brothers Rincione the collective Pee Show, which is then inserted into Shockdom. From there I began to get known even in Italy.

Considering that you are born artistically thanks to a collective formed in Palermo, have you noticed in recent years an exponential growth of writers in the south of Italy?

Yes, and I believe that the web has helped me a lot. Characters such as Labadessa and Rincione has exploded thanks to social networks, and even my career is founded on the social thanks to the collective Pee Show, founded in 2013.

How did the idea of your illustrations to anti-fascist, become so viral on social in the last few months?

I have always been the social centers, and the realities of the anti-fascist. I have always wanted to keep this side of me away from work, but lately I've felt the need to send a direct message. This thing has caused consensus and disagreements, but I was glad when, after being banned for the illustration on the facts of Como, the people social supported me by making that image viral.

The illustration of the anti-fascist Prenzy dedicated to the facts of Como

Do you think that artists can still stir the conscience?

Of course. The power of the image is crucial, especially in these times.

As you can see the future, especially on the political?

I am interested in institutional policy, I will dedicate myself only to anti-fascism. I hope that these dark times will emerge a grassroots movement that relies on populism, capable of generating a social redemption.

Have you enjoyed drawing the cartoon of Peter Battle, dedicated to Berlusconi?

Yes, very much so. Then the screenplay by Dario Sicchio was a lot to interpretation over the top.

What are the stories and the genres that you use to draw?

I love the grotesque, the reality is deformed, even if, for example, with #Like4Like (made for Shockdom with Marco Rincione ed), I used a technique of painting.

What are your points of artistic reference?

Alex Toth on all, then Andrea, Patience and all the Italian movement for an independent, even if at the level of style not very noticeable in my sign.

What will be your next projects?

Are top secret, but I can reveal that I am doing testing for a project to mainstream gender action for the United States.

Thanks Francis.

Thanks to all of you!

Interview with Prenzy: “my cartoons and anti-fascist to stir the conscience” is




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