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Published on Apr 09, 2019


Sophia, Aiko and the whole group of rebels prepare to face new battles bigger than them in the second volume of Haxa, titled Shadows on the water. In a Super at times boring and at times solar, Nicholas Pellizon, tells the story of the present and future of the adventures narrated in his fantastic world full of colors.

MF: after Two years from your first chapter of Haxa, Sophia and the others are grown up, become more mature. You on the other hand how you have become?

NP: it was Definitely a little more naughty than before! (laughs) Also, the protagonists of Haxa will become more cynical, with the difference that they will face serious problems, unlike me.

MF: one of the new figures comes Tsisia, charming and bewitching, without overdoing it. She is so strong to the “breaking the page”. How you created it?

NP: At the beginning Tsisia had to be completely different, and even more the young of the other girls, and more uncontrollable, out of your head and should not be part of any group. By the time he changed his role and I realized that maybe before I was only thinking of his past. Hence it has become a thirty-year-old: so far it's the character more balanced, with its specific beliefs. His strong character (spoiler) it came out when I realized that Aiko would be in love with her, and from there Tsisia it is defined by itself.

MF: What can we expect from you?

NP: Tsisia and Claire will have a plot at the part in the third volume, also if the next episode will be primarily focused on Sophia. Tsisia will become more and more mystical, because the problems that he had with his eye on the scope to develop its power in a way unknown. Will begin to understand more, even Aiko.

MF: In the first volume, Sophia has presented all the world of Haxa, while in the second only to train. How ever it has had a marginal role?

NP: Well, all the saga's characters are protagonists and each of them could have a spin-off dedicated. As said before, in the following will be THE character of the saga, while in the second volume has the foot on the accelerator ready for the third.

MF: You had the technical developments from the first volume?

NP: Surely you become more and more good when you draw and colour two hundred pages in a row! The change is significant and I noticed it while I was working. I spent even less time in it than the first. Also in the first volume there are a wide range of different colour, used to present and describe the world. In Haxa – Shadows of the water, instead, there is the same range of colors throughout the book, which has peaks and inflections depending on the time, given that the player is already in the world become colors, “realistic”, increasing saturation through the combination of complementary, I give this reality an unreality.

MF: are you already working on the third, or you're in pause?

NP: Yes, and I think I will take 9-10 months, maybe even going on holiday this summer. I'm also working on other projects, in the initial phase, I am working on a book with writer Giulia Caminito. For Haxa, which has priority over all my other projects, I would like to work with someone else to help me in the colors (as did Myriam El Assil for the first volume) or with the layout for velocizzarmi, but I already know that it would be difficult, because it is born as something exclusively mine.

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