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Published on Mar 24, 2018


A phenomenon of the web, which has brought to the surface from the darkest corners of the secretive groups that exist on Facebook women from the traditions and customs quite different from ours. You disclose the mysterious recipes of the fluids of love, necklaces for fertility in the form of absorbing stories and moments of “hot” (or at least define them as those stories where the innocent “fiorella” of the woman is owned by her husband). Vincenzo Maisto, art Mr Destroy, has discovered and brought to the surface these dark sides of a world in which we live constantly, every day, and to whom, fortunately, we are only observers and not actors.

Its success is due to its page in Facebook, through which she shares episodes of very special found in the nether reaches of the web, and her blog, inside which there are various legends from the “Moms vegan against envy” (of which last year he released an e-book) to the mothers who treat the dolls reborn as if they were real babies.

We have had the opportunity to ask some questions to Maisto on the occasion of the release of his book " The pancine of love, was released on 6 march by Rizzoli.

MF: Thank you very much for availability! In your blog and on your page Facebook, the cossidetti “subjects” are varied and different between them. Between all of the characters that you've shared so far, which remained with you especially in the heart?

VM: my favorite is definitely the lady Ornella, who, with the saga of Timorous Love, is rewarding us for months. The story started from one of her stories hot, where it tells us of a fleeting encounter, of passion with the husband, after which she runs in the bathroom in slippers to remove the traces of the “mielino” from the non-you-know-well-what. Also, because it uses only metaphors of flowers, then his story becomes difficult to interpret.

MF: what was the episode with the most absurd or surreal that you have shared with the users of your page, The Lord Destroy?

VM: without a doubt, the episode of the cat omosessualizzante. The narration is really absurd: when the lady noticed that the male cat gave kisses to his son, male, he, too, to avoid that the cat would become gay for his son, he proposed to transfer the cat to his sister's house. The saddest, however, are those where women feel in bondage to their husband, and should send the GPS position via Whatsapp, to justify their moves, because, it seems, are deemed to be the property of their man.

MF: What other social figures have you found that you were intrigued and that you have not yet talked about?

VM: There are other things that I'm doing research. The first theme that I will deal will cover the men, then we will see how it will evolve the blog.

Great consiglioTwitter:

Posted by Mr Destroy on Wednesday, 31 January 2018

MF: During your public appearances, you have never met some of the “mommy tummy” that you insulted him live?

VM: No. But once, at the Turin Book fair, a lady asked me at the booth. I was not there (thankfully!) why, it was a surreal scene: she asked for my number to my publishing company, Susanna Ekos editions. She obviously gave it to him and the lady, by way of reply, she threw a book at him. This type of “fan” yet not I met them in person.

MF: That registry changes should we expect in the next few weeks?

VM: In fact, there have already been some big changes, especially with regard to the sources. Compared to the classic screenshot posted in the past, this time the post itself will be shared directly from the source, in order to make it verifiable. Users can click directly on the post and read it on the page or on the original group.

MF: as far as publishing products?

VM: The 6 march will be published a book for Rizzoli, The pancine of love. Immediately after that, started the tour of presentation of the book and the first stops were in Salerno, Rome, Milan, and Urbino, but later there will be other dates in Italy (and also outside) until June.

The valuable dictionary Pancinese/Italian guarded in the book “The Pancine Of Love” today in the library!Amazon:...

Posted by Mr Destroy on Tuesday 6th of march 2018

MF: which authors inspired your writing style?

VM: I am very amused by the ironic style of Vincenzo De Luca, the president of the Campania Region. The style is almost comical, despite the fact that he is a serious political. Then other inspirations come from Twitter: - control of certain topics and see how you are discussed by other users (if they are taboo or not, if you can play without being misinterpreted).

MF: Instead, the style of your e-book, Moms, vegan, against the envy, it was created ad hoc, or have simply followed in the wake of the events?

VM: What is born primarily from my blog. In reality, the events occurred in the span of a few days, during the spring of 2016. I decided to “distribute” to the bets, to excite those who followed me at the time (I followed many fewer people than now). Moms vegan had taken a fold more literary, in fact, only later I decided to make an e-book. I do not exclude the possibility to publish also in hard copy, in the future, certainly not next.

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