Interview with Leo Ortolani: "A musical about Cinzia? It would be nice to" | Nerd Show 2019


Published on Feb 23, 2019


Assaulted by dozens of fans for a photo, a sketch or even just a handshake, Leo Ortolani was the guest of the second edition of the Nerd Show of Bologna, presenting his latest work entitled, " Special Normal – The years of Pandora, a new survey of Misterius on the Plain of Pisa and its “strange inhabitants”. We took the opportunity to ask the designer to be more loved by the italians a few questions about the projects that will be published in the near future.

CAUTION: this interview is completely Rat – Man – free.


MF: soon TO be reissued Two daughters, and other ferocious animals, historical route on international adoption. If we wanted to do a sort of #10yearschallenge, what is the test about ten years after that experience?

THE: Ten years later... you see me! They are practically the picture of Dorian Gray, but in the attic I am I! It is an experience fairly challenging, in some cases it was very. At the end go on the same, because it is your daughters: the bond is there and the love as well. I will never go back! It is a little miracle of nature. I always say that parents are the manure of the children, to which my end will be to them, that I shall eat them from below! At the bottom of the future are them, and, as says the Stallion in The Mercenaries 3, "Boys, the future is not us!"

MF: You and your wife have had the opportunity to talk to other parents and see what are the obstacles you face now?

LO: I Know many adoptive parents: once you have this experience, it enters in a circuit of the situations that you saw. Each one has its own story and, at times, consoling each other. You find yourself confronting issues that a family “classic” should not deal with: for example, the child does not remember his past and you the parent have to try to fill in those holes. You ask questions, sometimes they get angry... I do know where I come from, I have photos of when I was little and the memories of my parents; not them, they have some confused memory.
Then every child and every parent have a different story to tell about: each of the deals with instruments that, in the end, prove to be insufficient. If I were to compare myself to them when I was their age, I was a puppet, where I get there I was... Related to “colombianità” of my girls, who are live silver, I'm in a position completely unfamiliar. From the social point of view, there is also the school that does so much, inside there are people who are more or less prepared in the face of this speech, and others that make a “deck” so they are constantly engaged, and I have a lot of respect in the school, even if the institution itself is not yet completely ready to face this paradigm shift. There are many children of foreign people when they go home they have no one to help them with their homework, because no one can correct their Italian. What were the “asinacci” now they are children with limited capacity because of their family situations disaster.

MF: In the next few months will be released for Bao Publishing the reprint of the volume with 30% of boards in most. What should we expect?

LO: I have recovered the memories of that month and a half past in Colombia, and instead of translating them into words I transformed into sketches and anecdotes of comics. They are outputs 45 pages longer than that taken alone are capable of telling their and our story. Will be arranged between the various chapters of the book and will be of small brackets that help move from one chapter to another, a bit like the advertising in the magazines. Always see what happened before and what happens now, but to comic books.

MF: Cinzia is the first your graphic novel where it addresses in full the private life of a character Rat-Man. Because you have chosen Cinzia and not others?

HIM: Because... I don't know. Cinzia was already in the back - the cerebellum and was awakened by a quip of Licia Troisi. I said: "you Know that my husband and I would like to read a graphic novel about the Cinzia?". From there it has also made forward Michele Foschini, manager of Bao Publishing, and gave me the white paper. Then I cast this seed, I turned around and I saw that it was already starting to give its fruits. The writing was fast, very assonante and fun. I wanted to write a story that was a cross between a romantic story and a musical: that there were the themes of gender were the element that gave the decisive turn to the graphic novel. If you tell the life of Cynthia, it is obvious that addressing issues of this type, in addition to the distrust of the genre. Cinzia, Cinzia, should not worry about the other: it is the society that, unfortunately, is worried about her. On these bases, I built the love story told. But, to me, is always a musical comedy to the american.

MF: are You more comfortable with the format of the graphic novel or the entries in the series?

THE: Are two different things, of course. In the first, you have to tell the story as if it were unique. I have faced the problem of transition from one scene to another, while in a comic serialeil process is different: you need to block because you have to resume in the next issue. Also if you take a history and do it in five episodes is not the same thing as to write the chapters of a novel single. It is a point of view interesting, as a storyteller and screenwriter is a challenge up to a certain point: if you know how to write, runs smoothly. Then take inspiration from the work of other colleagues, that will not always be smooth; sometimes to divide the story into chapters, because it is not very easy to write it down. I wrote Cinzia thinking it as a film that drags you from the start bringing up the bottom in a manner you would not expect.

MF: would You like to see it in the version of the musical?

LO: it Would be nice! Sure, I can see it well built as The Land, or Will & Grace... I'd love to see it built with a lightness similar. The only difficult thing would be the choice of the actor who would play Cynthia: it would be interesting if it were just a transsexual. Rather than put an actor who plays the part, it would be nice if it was someone who “interprets” the experience of their own.

MF: Already had previous experiences in Comics&Science, now you move on the history of the plain of Pisa. What other aspects of the history of science would you like to tell?

HIM: I'll tell You right now that, starting from march, I will be working on the second book that will talk about the space, always with the A. S. A. and the E. S. A., in support of the mission of Luke Palmitano, which will become the commander of the mission in the second part of his stay on the international space station. We'll talk about the Moon, since we are in 2019, fifty years after the famous landing (believe it or not, are always fifty years!) and the book does not focus more on the space station but on what you want to create on the Moon; in fact, will be travelling to the narration in the year 2069, a hundred years after the landing. In addition, the publisher Laterza, after having enjoyed my work for Comics&Science, has given me carte blanche to make a book. And I decided: dinosaurs! The first book that I have ever read in my life, a gift from my grandfather, it was on them and I have a great love for those rettiloni. Then the next analysis Misterius it will be just on these largest inhabitants of the past!

MF: In the end, dinosaurs are part of the childhood of all...

LO: I Hope that is a thing that has a eco great! The title, then, promises well: it will be the Dinosaurs that they made it!

MF: If Ortolani you were not a cartoonist, it would be...

LO: This one is easy: a geologist! Or I'd work in the factory... but no, by, a geologist.

MF: Let's move on to your relationship with the social network. How is it going with your blog?

LO: the Poor thing is now is half dead .. as For the movements on the social networks, I follow what she chooses Roberto Recchioni. From the blog is passed to Facebook, then from there to Twitter and finally on Instagram, and also I have done the same. Oh, on Instagram, I took my wife, telling me "Go on Instagram, there are all of your colleagues, even the young ones!" and I said, "No, but there helmet inside and not go out more!". As it turned... (laughs) that's a Step a lot of time on that social without realizing it (I warn you, usually in the notification of the traffic data!). It is a medium that allows you to reach in fast and effective way to comic book enthusiasts, and much more. I have to say, I'm a “addicted”! With automatic sharing, then, it has become even easier to manage your pages Facebook and Twitter. There is not to say that tools like that, I have opened the doors for the work to which I was not in the slightest, as the reviews: born on the blog, have become an appointment it is requested and from there you are transformed into a job.

MF: speaking of reviews in comics, you're working on the sequel of Cinemah? Will have the same combination of colours (blue-white) of the first one?

LO: I'm working on it now! Probably we will change the color, even though I would be sad to leave the blue. There were problems at the business level, there is the risk that the reader will confuse it and think, "This already I have it..."




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