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Published on Jun 25, 2018


A work by the bright colors and the corners soft and rounded shape, stands on the booth of the green Tunué publishing house of comic books for the kids (and not only!).

Behind the cheerful stack of Guni, there is Karicola (art name of Chiara Colagrande), the blonde designer from pescara, there is the BGeek 2018 without his companion of adventures of gioia Tauro. After a session of sketches and a chat with mums and small lovers of Guni, we interviewed the creator of the adventures of this unicorn bungler.

MF: Thank you for your kindness! Let's start with a question about the genesis of Guni: how did you get your last job?

CC: Guni is born from an idea flashed in the sky while I and Taurus were on the stand Tunué during the Romics of September 2017, when we were there to present our Claire's and Malù. Within this last volume there is a unicorn, and a girl who works at the stand Tunué he has told us that it would be nice to do a comic book about a unicorn. We shopped and we decided to do it! You could say that, thanks to this detail, Guni is part of a historical continuum, even if it is something completely different from Claire's and Malù.

MF: With Guni embrace is an audience of kids that an adult audience, is it not so?

CC: Yes, in fact the purpose of the comics made by me and the Taurus is to create a double reading. We try to make happy the little ones, who laugh given that it is a cartoon humorous, it is the parents who accompany the children in reading. In fact, the unicorn Guni is a bit the opposite of what is a true unicorn: usually, the unicorn is wise, majestic and imposing, while Guni is awkward, small, and tease him by saying that he has a bump on the forehead. It is also capricious and obnoxious, and will bring all his friends inside of a disastrous adventure.

MF: You could say that your comics are a little like “Mickey mouse”: first read the children, and then goes on the bedside table of his parents, who read it before going to sleep!

CC: True! Our audience is very strange, because it's made from small children and then there is a leap towards the thirty-year-old, who follow us on internet and we are confident that they have picked certain quotes that kids do not get it.

MF: Graphically speaking, what are the differences between Guni and the previous Claire and Malù?

CC: The first, chronologically speaking, is “cartoonish”. Guni, instead, is more illustrative. Inside the world of Guni, there are a number of the elements that I wanted to put, like enchanted forests, magical animals and even a series of plates made with watercolor, to give a gap of vision between the whole of the narrative, and a particular scene.

MF: On what is based the choice of colors?

CC: I chose to use vibrant colors to attract the little ones and to give the idea of vivacity. Towards the end, however, I used colors, so to speak, “real", to indicate the gap between the world of Guni and the Earth.

MF: What are the techniques used?

CC: I first pencils, and then continued the work with Photoshop (with Claire and Malù I have also used the program MangaStudio, to re-create a kind of china).

MF: What is your relationship with your audience? The meetings, often in fairs, meetings with schools, etc?

CC: we Were awaited by mothers and teachers, that they could not wait to take the new volume of Tauro & Karicola! The comic has a little more than a month, so for now we do not have feedback strong. We discovered that there was also a strong curiosity of new readers to Guni that, indirectly, have also purchased Claire's and Malù! A facilitator for the other!

MF: You and Taurus how much you have yet to tell?

CC: We have so many things in the pipeline, both for small and large! We are thinking of a different deal and a different audience. At the beginning we were planning as the authors of different genre, we also worked on the boards, splatter! Then, since we were more trained on children's publishing, we have taken that road. However, you will see us again soon at the opera! Individually, we are bringing forward other projects: I don't say anything for good luck, however, I'm working on stuff realistic!

MF: what kind punteresti your future work?

CC: I have several passions, so every time I try to change the stroke because I like to experiment, and what I see around inspire me so much. I will never do stuff super-realistic manner, but I'll try to take what I learned in the world of the illustrations and make it more grown-up, choosing colors less gaudy, and make it become something more mature, given that the public now sees me in a different way.

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