Interview with Gianluca Gallo: “my images on love become tattoos”


Published on Apr 21, 2018


His page was born in a rather random:"it Was a particular period of my life, and I needed to vent things that I felt inside," he said. So, Gianluca Gallo, a young, calabria Cosenza, about a year ago, created a page on Facebook, which he started to publish illustrations that represented, in a minimalist, a couple who expressed their feelings through metaphorical images. The illustrations were always accompanied by a sentence that contained the meaning.

Within a year the page of Gianluca Gallo has collected 50 thousand fans, allowing them to obtain an important result. In November of 2017, in fact, Rizzoli has published Until it rules the Heart, a collection of his illustrations. Last week, the artist from calabria has introduced the volume during the Fege, the Festival of Publishing, and of Journalism emerging, which took place from April 11 to 13 between Castrolibero and Calabria University in Cosenza.

We took advantage of this opportunity to interview him.

Hello Gianluca. Welcome to Mangaforever. How did the idea of the illustrations and the page Facebook?

Hello! I have to say that it was all pretty random. After the end of a relationship I wanted to rediscover myself, and therefore I took china and pencil in hand, and I accomplished something that I felt inside.

Then use the theme of love to be put at the centre of your illustrations, it was not a random choice.

In that time, which was something that I was natural. With time, however, I noticed that it was a feeling with so many nuances, and that you could tell in several ways. I have tried, therefore, to explore in its various facets.

How did you react when you have noticed that on the page Facebook you were acquiring a slice of a large audience?

I am not scared. It was a big thing to me. I saw people who copied my drawings on school desks, on the journals, even if they tatuavano on him. Many guys asked me for advice on their relationship. However, after this initial hit, things have stabilized. Even if it still scares me a little to see people tatuano my designs on him (ride ndr).

An illustration taken from page Facebook Gianluca Gallo

As it came to the proposal by the Rizzoli to publish a book?

In march 2017, I was contacted on my page Facebook by one scouter, who told me that he wanted to become part of one of the ten editorial proposals of the house. I had other offers before then, but Rizzoli was definitely the publishing house, most important from which I was contacted.

How is carried out the machining to the volume as Long as it Holds up the Heart?

I would say that it was all very natural. We have selected the illustrations, sometimes having to change some of the sentences that was in quotes for which we could not get the permissions. There were a couple of decisions which I have discussed with the editor, for example, a color cover did not convince me, but I trusted and it went well.

That effect made you switch from editing a page of Facebook and enter in the world of publishing?

As always, the beginning has me traumatized. However, over time, I made the most of this thing because it's a new experience, and it is something exciting.

Disegnavi even before opening the page to Facebook?

When I was little I drew a lot, then I became discontinuous. I have decided to resume drawing to vent.

One of the many tattoos that reproduce an illustration by Gianluca Gallo

What kind of painting techniques do you use?

I do everything by hand, with a pen, and china ink. Use sheets of A4 and A5. I'm not a big lover of digital but I would like to experiment with it.

Are you a fan of comics?

By small I would read many, not now. At the time I was a fan of Dylan Dog and comic book of Sergio Bonelli, but also Mickey mouse and other Disney products. Then I started to dedicate myself to music, I played in a group of post-punk, I made the sound engineer and finally, the organiser of the concerts. The world of comics and drawing for a little time they were far enough away from my activities.

However, now we are becoming a full-time commitment. What projects do you have for the future?

I have had proposals of scripts to create a graphic novel, but I don't know if they are able. However, I would like to create a second book in which he tells a story, maybe split between narrative and images. And then I would do a line of merchandise based on my drawings.

Thanks to the availability Gianluca.

Thanks to all of you!

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