Interview with Federico Rossi Edrighi and Riccardo Torti: arrive 4Hoods – Lucca Comics & Games 2017


Published on Nov 13, 2017


Four cute creatures, covered by hoods and cloaks, they venture to the conquest of Lucca Comics And Games. After a few years since the release of the project, which started from an idea of Roberto Recchioni and remained on the web for 3 years, comes 4Hoods, a fantasy series from the narrative structure, inspired by the role-playing games, like Dungeons & Dragons. We were able to ask some questions to two of the three authors of the number 0, “Tunnels & Trolls”: Federico Rossi Edrighi and Richard Torti.

MF: Thanks for the availability! Let's start from the origins: the project 4hoods was born in 2014 from an idea of Roberto Recchioni. As you came in and you become part of the project?

Wrong: Around a table of D&D, exactly where they were born, even the first design of the characters. In the first place created them Roberto, so for the game while “ruolavamo”, if we want to use such a word nerd. The motto is “against the intimacy of the graphic novel”. The spirit of adventure for the adventure. In short, we left as well. Watch the case of Federico is a talented writer, I am a designer... There was a long gestation, in fact, the readers are waiting for a long time that bait. We have put so much to get her out on paper: the first was a project of Roberto open on Facebook, then came with Sergio Bonelli Editore and we started to work on it slowly. It is the classic double-edged sword: with the time, the hype has increased.

MF: How much of your play we are within 4Hoods?

Red Edrighi: as far as what I have written, a few. I have developed more the type of environment, that is, the classic fantasy. I have a bit broken, placing these characters that are a little over the top for a classic fantasy, since the same our plays were themselves above the lines. Also because it is a series that points to the boys, and you have to have an eye towards that target. The fantasy has a range of spectators very large, that can go from the person interested in a story that is more dark, dark, and adult to the youngest. We aim especially to the latter type of audience, but we think that will appeal to adults, given that in any case it is a young adult. Basically, the story has a system of fantasy with a break due to the comedy.

MF: That development will have on the project?

Wrong: Will be a monthly series, the format will be what type of Dragonero. Will be 60 tables of comics and more editorials. Starting this spring!

MF: Which of these characters is the figure that is closest to his heart?

Red Edrighi: In my case it is a bit difficult, since I wrote many of the episodes. Are fond of all of them, and thus I find it difficult to answer. Also because it differentiated between them I wouldn't know which to choose. Here, perhaps, Red. From the point of view of the personality is the most similar to me.

Wrong: Purple, without thinking too much about it.

MF: A specific question to David: in the past you've published The princess, a Scarecrow, placed in the series for the boys of Bao Publishing. What kind of differences there are under the point of view of the narrative between 4hoods and The Princess Scarecrow?

Red Edrighi: First of all, one is serial and the other is a single volume. Actually there are similarities between the audience to which it is intended, however, 4Hoods is a series of fantasy genre-the humorous, the other is an urban fantasy, which follows different rules and is more dark, less solar. As already said, the intention is to embrace different types of audience is different.

MF: One question Riccardo: graphically speaking, what differences are there with the projects that you have worked in the past, such as Twisted Rotten?

Wrong: The Abysmal. The 4hoods Roberto is a thing never seen. The sketches are terribly simple: the characters do not have hands, have feet, they have very few elements on the face, an eye, a mouth that sometimes appears. All this makes them terribly difficult to draw! The player looks at them and thinks, “Ah! But it is simple!”, instead, realize it is very difficult, not so much for the anatomical in itself (after all, they are pallette and triangles), but to make them move, let them pretend, maybe make them move according to the layout that set Federico. The latter, coming from the animation, can to act out the characters in the animation would be absurd: there you recite it with your hands and facial expressions (as main elements). Here we have only mantellini and sometimes we also use other elements of the character type's whiskers Green, the beard of Beard that moves from one side or the other... Very different from when you have a product that is “normal”, with all the anatomical elements available. The plant, moreover, is similar to that of the animation: we the backgrounds of paintings like the old 2D animation and the characters dishes that move in the foreground. The stuff is rather special, according to me, you pussy! Then the impact that has had this number 0 it is visually beautiful, according to me it works.

Red Edrighi: I'm glad I don't have to draw, because for me it would be very difficult (laughs). Then Riccardo is more clever and more experienced than me as a designer, so I'm glad I didn't touch the graphics: for me it would be difficult.

Interview with Federico Rossi Edrighi and Riccardo Torti: arrive 4Hoods – Lucca Comics & Games 2017 is




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