Interview with Esad Ribić, a designer of Thor, and Secret Wars – Napoli Comicon 2018


Published on May 02, 2018


Designer of the run of Thor with Jason Aaron and crossover Secret Wars, Esad Ribić is a cartoonist specializing in Marvel superheroes. Born in Zagreb, Ribić is a Croatian who has absorbed the best of the artistic culture and european painting and apply it to superheroes.

Esad Ribić was among the guests of the Naples Comicon, 2018. During the event (held from the 28 to may 1 at the Overseas Exhibition), we had the chance to interview the pastor. Here's what he told us.

Hello Hex, welcome to MangaForever.

"Hello everyone!"

When did you start reading comics?

"I think the first comic I've ever read was the Mickey mouse, or Zagor, one of which for some time I have been passionate about. I was about nine years old. Then I discovered the comics franco-belgian".

Then as a child you were fond of Zagor. Read other comics of Sergio Bonelli?

"I Was Reading Martin Mystère. But after some time I abandoned the readings of the Bonelli".

Would you like to work with Sergio Bonelli Editore?

"I don't follow most of their productions for a long time. I heard they are changing their stylistic approach to comic books, and then also my way of drawing may adapt to them. It would be interesting. Why not?!"

When you started to draw? You had the artists reference?

"In the eighties in Croatia there were a lot of young very talented artists, and in some way I was their influence. A designer from whom I learned a lot was Radovan Devlić, which had a style very realistic, very close to my".

From Thor Secret Wars you are an artist who, until now, has mainly devoted himself to the superhero and the amazing. You are particularly at ease within this type of stories and environments?

"I have never done anything different compared to fantasy, is the kind that I'm used to draw, and in some ways, I'm well".

Have you worked with Jason Aaron on the run of Thor. How have you found working with this great writer?

"I have never found arguing with him, there has always been a lot of synergy. Jason is very clear with what he wants, which is taken from the screenplay, and I could possibly add something discussing it with him."

You've collaborated with Jonathan Hickman for the creation of Secret Wars. What is different is the approach of Hickman and the Marvel universe than Jason Aaron?

"I would say that Hickman is more intellectual, while Jason Aaron has put all his heart in what he writes. Tell stories with different tones and points of view. The interesting aspect of both is that even from a single piece of script is able to recognize their approach to comics, and what they are trying to convey".

Working as an artist for Marvel you have seen in recent times a continuous influence of comics on cinema and on the tv, and vice versa. He appreciates this massive dose of comic book translated on the big and small screens, or no?

"Hollywood has figured out long ago that there was an audience interested in movies and comic books and is trying to ride this thing. Through comics, the producers manage to make the public statements of the players concerned to see that the transposition television or film, and most have a story already ready. Will continue to exploit the comics for a long time, until will earn more money. As far as my tastes in some of these films I like, others less, still others I hate them".

Is there any other Marvel character, in addition to those you've already worked on, that would draw?

"I would say no. More that the characters are tied to the stories. Therefore, if there is a nice history I like to draw a certain character, otherwise it is not. For example, many believe that Thor is the superhero to which they are most related, but there are some stories of Thor that I loved to draw, and others less.

Thanks a lot Hex.

Thank you, it was a pleasure.

Interview with Esad Ribić, a designer of Thor, and Secret Wars – Napoli Comicon 2018 is




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