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Published on Jun 09, 2019


It's not to join Big Brother or a cooking program composed: in the Killer Show you the fastest way to get a few minutes of fame is taking part in a murder. Attention, here does not speak only of being the murderer, but also relative, friend or the neighbor that the victim “always greeted”.

The authors Emanuele Amato (Remedies) and Ludovica Ceregatti (A sort of fairytale) tell comic a tragic cross-section of real life, by analyzing the reactions in the media and not in front of a murder heinous. We asked them what they thought of “human justice” and how it came to be their first work together, published by Shockdom and distributed in the store and the library from may 6, 2019.

However, between a firmacopie and the other, I signed the bookmarks for the pre-order. You be able to. Shockdom

Published by Emanuele Amato on Sunday 28 April 2019

MF: How did your artistic collaboration?

EA: I Had proposed the project to Lucio, a little bit of time before. When the read has given me the go-ahead to find the section right for you to marry with the tone sensationalist who, while remaining faithful to reality. I followed Ludovica and I wanted to collaborate with her at all costs. Killer Show, however, was thought to a stretch similar to his, and so, she risked it, I asked her to read the story. When he accepted the son jumped from the chair!

LC: On Facebook, as always (thanks Facebook). Between a “Beautiful designs”, “Thanks”, “Hey, I have this project... would you like to learn?” and “of Course!”.

MF: Killer Show is a photograph of what we are living in a society of mass information, as seen from different perspectives. There have been events in the news real that inspired you?

EA: Not one in particular to tell the truth, but a sum of things. I have a degree in Psychology and one of the branches I focused on is that of criminal psychology in addition to social psychology, particularly on mass communication. The spark was triggered one evening, we were on vacation, the tv signal was great. My mother had to see “the Fourth degree”. She sees them all of the programs and now has the fixed appointments. There was the case of Yara Gambirasio with new and shocking revelations. There was an exchange of views with you on the spectacle of each other. They had already done I don't know how many episodes on the topic, and yet, not enough ever. There I was reminded of the whole story, and the signals of the jet, and then define it to be better the next few days.

LC: No, no one in particular. But there are around so many that just turn on the TV or scroll through your mobile phone to have new insights every day. Unfortunately.

MF: All the characters were equally distributed within the story, but there was one in particular on which you would have more depth?

EA: Paola D'asso. She is my weak point. I love it and hate it. I'd do a whole chapter dedicated to her and her ability to transfix the audience with words. While seeming and being false, it can.

LC: I don't know. After a little work on the characters, eventually become a bit of all of the acquaintances and would always know more about everyone in general.

MF: in The light of what you have told in Killer Show, what is your ideal of justice?

EA: This is tough, I admit. I don't know, I don't think that there is justice on earth, let alone that of the afterlife. We are beings of selfish, so we need a notion of right and wrong to not sbranarci each other. Of course, we also have that spark of altruism, but does not have the same force of selfishness. The justice should be of concern to put things together, bring harmony, and restore order and balance. From here is born the legal system, to try to be fair. We know, however, functions. Not that many people will not try eh, but many of the volce is fallacious for loopholes or bureaucratic issues. In the comics, I've inserted some example in a caption, on the difference between justice and moral justice on legal affairs, there is a good understanding of what I think.

LK: This is really hard. All of us should be, in the end, the same ideal of justice no? But personally speaking, I think that a good ideal is to be based on simple respect. If all of us, we respected one another there would finally be an ideal of justice objective and not subjective as, in reality, there is today.

MF: How was it built the character design of the suspect?

EA: Psychologically, I had a precise idea of how you would have behaved and what impression they had to give. When I gave the description to Ludo has captured and translated my imagination, giving him the strokes that I had in mind, in addition to the look. The stigma had to be visible, and we know which ones are contemporary. Every era has its black sheep, but what remains is that it must seem to an outsider, one of the outgroup, and for the most. The different is always judged first in the negative. There must be a disconfirm prejudice to make it one of the ingroup.

LK: the original idea we thought about Emanuele, I have adapted to his description, trying to be as faithful as possible, and then, of course, slowly, that the story was created, the character has evolved until you get to a Matthew final.

MF: What was the character more “interesting” to create?

EA: aside from Matthew, for obvious reasons, I always say she is: Paola D'asso. When it enters the scene is a black hole that absorbs the attention. It had to be so, while not appearing very often. To give this tone and this perception was not easy. I hope to be able to do so.

LC: Personally, Matthew. It had to be from a part to be the perfect suspect, the perfect innocent, you said, “But who? Him? With that face?” and at the same time, “Eh, but...”. The neighbor with whom you grew up and you never would have thought that, in fact, may have done harm to someone, and instead...

MF: Killer the show has a closed end, but from the inside it can depart from a thousand other stories. There will be a sequel/spin-off?

EA: In truth inside I gave a clue of a possible spin-off, in addition to elements which may be covered under other points of view. Who knows...for now I'm working on other things but the project is already put down, and every so often I look up from the desk (laughs).

LC: For the moment, no. Especially for the various working commitments both my that of Emanuele. But who knows...let's just say that is not a door closed to key.

MF: How was it welcomed the volume during the Napoli Comicon 2019?

EA: Look, I had a lot of fear being my first comic, but I have to say well. I've had feedback from authors that I did not expect to ever in your life and compliments that I never thought I would have from them. People have told me that now no longer watch tv news for my fault, or that they cried. In short, the most beautiful are their opinions, otherwise I won't grow up never like the author, without their criticism (and the studio, what ever).

LC: Very good! We also have already many positive feedback with anyone who has already read it. We hope to come many more.

Interview with Emanuele Loved and Ludovica Ceregatti – For Fifteen Minutes of Fame is




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