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Published on Mar 16, 2019


Between backgrounds, lysergic and a narrative-fiction techno, the debut of Captain Claw arrives at its second chapter, just in time for his second Super to the stand of Bao Publishing. The love and affection of his fans feel deeply for Kids with Guns – Tribe, so as to create an endless line in front of the booth for all three days of the milan fair. We managed to do a few questions on his new book (reviewed here) and on his future projects.

MF: Thanks for the availability! We'll see you here, Super, exactly after a year, and as promised it arrived Kids with Guns 2. You course a lot for me to complete?

CA: No, but I have also entrusted to two assistants without whom I would not be able to end the volume at times so concise, Albhey Longo for the spot colors, and Giorgio Abou Mrad for the pencils of the different costumes. Compared to the last volume I've used a lot more energy in its processing: they say that the second book is always the most difficult...

MF: Who and what comes in the second volume?

Will be presented and several new characters, the girl without a name” will form their own gang that will be revealed to the other members of the elusive “wild Bunch” and as always there will be many dinosaurs shapes absurd and grotesque.

MF: the Whole group of Wilder is present at the fair. It is meet also in the editorial environment with your colleagues on the adventure of the field in the webcomic?

CA: I have Not seen all the authors of the Wilder, but certainly several, as we are the Sappy, for example, we all three book in the output of the micam shoevent, I, with Kids with Guns 2, Albhey Longo with the Ball and Oscarito with Gurt 2 (together with Isaak Friedl). When we started Sappy had all three a book to the active for paper publishing, so I would say that we have developed the experience of the webcomic almost in parallel, the first season of Sappy would be due to finish in December, but saw the impending delivery of the Kids with Guns 2, I have preferred to take more time to finish it, maybe you can read the continuation to mid-spring.

MF: your style reminds me of Japan, with influences that remind me primarily created by Akira Toriyama. What authors have shaped your imagination and your stretch?

CA: Akira Toriyama is surely the first great love, I collect virtually everything that comes from his universe, in the studio, I have several animation cels original from the animated series of Dragon Ball and Arale-chan, the manga of DB full in two editions, and all of her other works, plus an obscene amount of action figures derived from his own imagination; it is definitely my influence more big. Always regards the japanese influences I read many seinen and my favorite authors are Taiyo Matsumoto, Inio Asano, Daisuke Igarashi, Naoki Urasawa, Eldo Yoshimizu and Kenji Tsuruta. Gon of Masashi Tanaka is, however, one of the first comics that has pushed me to become a cartoonist.

MF: The next volume will be the last of this trilogy. Are you already at work? You also have other projects in parallel, or you will be responsible exclusively to the conclusion of the KWG?

CA: I will start to short with the third volume, I will continue Sappy and in the meantime I'm working on another story self-closing. However, I'm beginning to think of another series.

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