Interview with Alice Berti: “Neon Brothers, the mirror of my generation Z”


Published on Apr 10, 2020


Alice Berti is a young cartoonist who was put in the game thanks to Bao Publishing a work of a generation. Her Neon Brothers (HERE our review), is going to involve the whole Generation Z, and it is a comic strip that represents the summa of many of the situations that have involved over the last few years in their twenties, and not only.

Divided between the uncertainty of the present, and the future really hazy, the young, narrated by Alice Berti seek to find strength in the friendship and sense of community. A few days ago, we wanted to address a few questions on Neon Brothers, and not only that, the cartoonist. Here they are below.

Neon Brothers seems a bit the synthesis of a series of thoughts and ideas that a twenty-year-old today. This story I had in mind for some time, or was born recently?

The history of Neon Brothers is born more or less at the beginning of 2018: in the fall of 2017 I made my first proposal to BAO, which, however, did not work very well, but saw that they were still interested in working with me I have urged to try a better idea. So, reflecting on what I wanted to tell, came to me in mind all the jobs that I had done before meeting with the publishing house, and for which being young and just out of high school often I was not taken too seriously: I noticed that it was a common feeling to many of my other friends or people my age, so I focused on that. It is a bit of a criticism of how difficult it is to try to build a future if people do not believe in you and not giving you the chance to shine. I feel very lucky to have found BAO that gives me this possibility, but unfortunately not everyone has this luck, and if you live in even an unpleasant situation in the family is not always easy.

Do you believe that the friendship and the sense of union and community can really help this generation to find their own position in the world?

I think the only way to find yourself is to work by yourself and make it happen, but friends are a great support and an important part of our lives. I first I realize that without the support of some people I would have probably made bad choices that I never would have brought it to be what they are now, and for this I am truly grateful.

The drawing stroke that you have developed and made graphically in the Neon Brothers do you think is your definitive style, or are you still evolving?

I think my stroke is this, but I am also convinced that people never stop learning and we are still evolving, then you can always just improve.

What are your inspirations in comics?

To be totally sincere, I always read more novels are comics, but when I was younger I was obsessed with Ranma 1/2, Scott Pilgrim and the works of Ai Yazawa (Paradise Kiss) and that I think has influenced me a lot, both in writing and in drawing. Then I grew up with the music of the Gorillaz: the style of Jamie Hewlett is definitely one of the most strong that I feel are among my influences.

As a young cartoonist, it scares you about the future of the publishing industry post-Coronavirus? How do you think it will be?

From my point of view, the BAO, I feel a bit in a cask of iron: not only do I feel them closer together as a family, and then that will take care of you, even in uncertain times, but are a group of professionals who know what they are doing, in addition to the fact that we bring a passion that will hardly go unnoticed when you pick up the book in the library. I believe that after this period people will continue to love and appreciate their work as it already did previously. The world of publishing was not easy even before the Covid, and the books are still the best way to remember the beautiful things there is in the world.

Saw that in Neon Brothers have given so much space to the music, can you recommend five music artists that are fundamental according to you.

Five are too few.... ARGH! I'd say: Nothing But Thieves, Gorillaz, Led Zeppelin, Velvet Underground and the Rolling Stones.

You're a twenty-year-old and you have written a story of a generation. What kind of stories your images tell twenty years from now?

It is difficult to say, because I tend to tell stories as a way to exorcise thoughts or situations that I should be a genius or make me suffer. Although I've noticed a common theme of all the stories I have written or that I think is the search for ourselves...maybe it will remain a recurring theme in the future, who knows!

Your next job will be similar to or depart from the approach that you had for the Neon Brothers?

The story I'm thinking now (which I would like to propose to BAO) is in some ways similar to the Neon Brothers: there is always the theme of the research themselves, but approached in a completely different way. I would like to create a work that is more introspective. From my point of view and my level is still pretty poor in writing I see it as a very ambitious project for me, but I hope to have the opportunity to be able to try. For now, I don't want to say more because it is still only an idea and not yet a concrete project, but the title I have given to this operation by the top-secret is: Calipso.

Then I'm also planning a series with my friend Francesco Savino (author of The heart of the city and Live-and-vegeta), from the name The Orange Room.

What is the cartoon character that would draw, and that maybe it would be suitable to write a story that suits you?

In recent years, I'm loving a lot of the graphical style of Snotgirl, the Image series written by Bryan Lee O'malley (author of Scott Pilgrim) and designed by Leslie Hung. I admit that being able to draw or write something for this series would be a ton of fun!

We would like to thank the author, Alice Berti, and Bao Publishing for availability.

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