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Published on Mar 20, 2019


Over 190 pages, where two boys, on the threshold of thirty years, will have to find their way around, between the desire to express themselves and compromise with real life. Released in a preview for Super 2019, the Sphere of Albhey Longo will arrive in bookstores and comics stores from the 21st of march. On the occasion of the milan fair, we asked the author, now in its second volume for Bao Publishing (after The fourth variation), some further detail about Damian and his particular power to create from nothing, strange black spheres...

MF: Thanks for the availability! Let's talk about the Sphere, or better, of the ball: because the protagonist has the ability to create these black spheres?

AL: I have to go back a bit-level chronological: when I was in The fourth variation (Bao, 2016), I had already begun sketching out the plot of a Sphere. The power of the
the protagonist was the first thing I thought, because I find it give a good idea of art as a creative act. In the spheres there is also my fascination for black holes, considered the matter that it absorbs, which I also recall the classical concept of superpower in the balloon pop, the force field. After some time, I have also pointed out that there is a statue of a black sphere made by Armando Testa in front of the station Porta Susa in Turin: years ago, I would often before, and perhaps I have internalized. The ball is mysterious, has no sharp corners, is black, not a glimpse of what is in there... I found it immediately right as a choice, so it seemed plausible that the characters of the graphic novel became an art form.

MF: we Said of the genesis of the Sphere...

AL: Initially I had in mind only the protagonist, Damian, and the power of the orbs. Then, as I had no hurry in creating the story, I built it for good. The design phase lasted about a year and a half: pretty much the story has grown with me, while in the meantime, I was writing and I other stories for other editions, such as clothes Hangers, Press, Dayjob and Ultimately. The implementation phase lasted about a year, working on it in a way that is completely relaxed, with all the life that I was in the middle.

MF: the Sphere is released in edition variant, with the cover signed by Nova. Who has chosen the author of the variant?

AL: The choice of the variant of the Nova was born from a dinner where we both the two of us, that part of the editorial Bao Publishing! There seemed at once a good idea since all of them, and two, we estimate the work for each other. Then Nova is a bomb, so I accepted on the fly!

MF: the Whole group of Wilder now is also a group of authors Bao Publishing. What do you feel about sharing this experience with your colleagues, such as Captain Claw?

TO: is always beautiful! I and Captain Claw, with Oscar Ito, we have co-created the webcomic Sappy, published on Wilder, and now that we have finished working on our books, we are already thinking about how to continue it. We have more free time to think about it and to retrieve the history. Also being fair is very beautiful, I'm practically on vacation from the desk and I can talk with other new projects

MF: Technically speaking, you worked on a webcomic that's about a graphic novel. From the point of view of the narrative structure, on which of the two you like more work?
AL: Well, I am a lover of the book format. My experience on Wilder is funny to Sappy I am in charge of typesetting the tables. Being a story of action, the vertical scroll makes it even more dynamic, an effect that we would not have pages to flip through. In spite of the experimentation that the web format gives you, I am still very fond of the book format for my stories.

MF: are There any artists that inspires you or to whom you refer?

AL: Initially I was always with books, and the essays at my side, then I slowly detached from the artists that I studied and my drawing has matured in the most natural manner. One among them is Jamie Hewlet, designer of the Gorillaz and Tank Girl: him the most among all has given me the push to start. His designs charismatic and the way of dressing of the characters influenced me a lot. I don't have other names, because I let myself be inspired by a mix of all the things I read, even if you do not notice immediately. For example, the style of Kaneko (author of the White Moon) or even that of Inio Asano...

MF: are you already working on other projects, immediately after the Ball?

AT: I'm working on a volume for the hook Press, but I can't say anything yet about when it will come out. I will continue to work on Sappy, as already said. But if I were to tell you another type of project that I would like to draw, I would say that I would love to do a comic action. I like a lot as gender! I'm a big fan of series like Cowboy Bebop and Akira. I have a sort of need to pull out my creativity, bike, jumps, guns and the like. However, I will keep the style, and I really hope in the future to publish a cartoon of that type. I was also assistant to the colors of the Kids With Guns vol.2 and coloring that series has made me increase the desire to do a comic of that genre!

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