Interview to Emiliano Pagani, Daniele Caluri: the coming of the kingdom of Don Zauker – Lucca Comics & Games 2017


Published on Nov 27, 2017


20.30, church of San Michele, Lucca. Destroyed by a day that is perennially in the path between the stand of the " Lucca Comics And Games, I can reach the two authors of livorno Emiliano Pagani, Daniele Caluri (aka “Crabs“), just as destroyed from a busy day, “chained” to the inside of the hall Napoleon.

They just closed their stand now semi-empty, “they were only the new volume, and a few talking heads,” they tell me. While we despair in finding a place where we can enjoy a comfortable ice-cold beer, we start to discuss this “all new, all different” Don Zauker, from the title to Be my kingdom.


MF: Thanks for the availability! After so many months, you released Don Zauker. Because you have chosen 2017 for the new return?

DC: we have Not chosen a date specifically. Don Zauker does not use criteria and the logic of the market or particular strategies out when it comes to him.
EP: we don't need a fair. When we have a story and we want to do it, we work because we feel the need to have fun. Because, especially with the stories of Don Zauker we want to have fun, just feel this need to put the story in the yard, and do it.

MF: THE volumes of Don Zauker published so far deal with issues political and historical rather delicate. What will we find in the new thy kingdom Come?

EP: All the episodes of Don Zauker, the initial publication specialized in short, take a cue from events that really happened that are reprocessed in our own way. The first, Santo subito, is about a cult around the figure of Padre Pio; the second, Heaven and Hell, speaks of the massacre in Rwanda with particular responsibility on the part of the church for a particularly shameful (genocide on the part of a priest, covered by the Vatican and the Italian State, against the international community that was trying to process it); and the third, Habemus Papam, speaks of the succession between pope Ratzinger and pope Bergoglio. The coming of my kingdom draws from the facts of a past a little more distant compared to the latter. The story takes its cue from the murder of monsignor Romero, archbishop of San Salvador, at the hands of the death squads during the civil war in salvador, also there, with heavy implications on the part of the Vatican (in the figure of pope Wojtyla) in addition to the american government and the CIA. The pope refused to support the struggle of monsignor Romero in favour of the poor, the oppressed, the disappeared and the victims of the death squads, supporting instead the salvadoran government.
DC: All these features spoke of Emilia, are not the fundamental characteristics of the register. On the contrary, the latter takes inspiration from the events, characters, and events that happened, but they are only the background, the theatrical setting where the story takes place ec has to do with Don Zauker. Sometimes it is a story that changes the cards on the table, the romance. It is not the so-called graphic journalism, cartoon of inquiry or similar: we have the historical setting, but the one that goes on is the story, the story told, that is fantasy.
EP: in Short, we model and bend the Story according to the needs of the narrative. At the same time, the opposite is also true: we Don Zauker talk about a historical fact that is particularly close to our heart, which according to us is not talked about enough. A story with a double meaning.

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MF: is There an episode in particular linked to the genesis of the coming of your kingdom?

EP: we Begin in media res, with a very strong image, that it presents Don Zauker as a character over the top (for those who didn't read so far). The story is born from that initial sequence: there are about seven or eight years old that I had in mind that scene and I didn't know how to enter it in a story. We wanted a pretext, I should try a Latin country with traditions similar to those in spain, where you drilled the bullfight and the like. I gave a look to Latin America, which lends itself quite easily to tragic stories, especially those of the Eighties and Nineties. I recalled the story of Don Romero and then we are killing two birds with one stone: we put the story of monsignor Romero as a wallpaper historical-geographical for the opening scene of the volume. Then from there the story came by itself.

Day V, the situation at 11,35: Holy Now, Habemus Papam, The Word EXHAUSTED. Copies of Heaven and Hell...

Posted by Daniele Caluri on Sunday 5 November 2017

Compared to Habemus Papam, there has been a remarkable evolution both from the point of view of the narrative from the point of view of the graph. What are due to your growth?

EP: as we age you always hope to improve! Our goal is not to exploit a trend by now consolidated, or use one of the things we learned to do and always do that; our goal is to improve more, to go a few steps more than the earlier work and have fun more and more. Then is simply this: what do we do with the perspective of continuous improvement and change with respect to the work done previously.
DC: On the chart have crossed different aspects. In this volume, stand out the most sequences because they are set indoors, in the dark, this has led to sbizzarrirmi more about some of the nuances and some of the ranges of gray. Play more with the light and the shadows. The result gave an extra touch of atmosphere, of suggestion. This is also the result of the processing done in Bonelli (Dylan Dog n°373) and past experiences in the Panini Comics (Nirvana). Here, both Bonelli, both Sandwiches, Don Zauker interpenetrate at the end: the one benefits the other.

MF: Given that the preparation of Don Zauker that of Dylan Dog were made the one next to the other, as it was possible to work in a manner so similar and so different between the two books?

DC: With indispensable out in the middle. Pass by dozens of plates of Dylan those of Don Zauker... I can be so schizophrenic! I need a minimum of “settling” to go from one genre to another. It is a manual path even before that of thought. Once you are there, I try to go in ease; on the grotesque I can do even better. It is, however, a discourse of the scope of the application: if the mind is set on a scope, the hand responds to only one.

MF: Emiliano, talk about music, which is a component fiction that often appears in the stories: if you accompany your story with a background music, which piece would you connect?

EP: Uh? You know that we thought about it? Because when we thought about making the book trailer, we were looking for a music that could be good with those images. We didn't come up with anything, then we chose to put that crap of the disco music of the ’70s (San Salvador), reiterating the country...
DC: ... that, by contrast, was all the more chilling images mounted. Music dance with death squads in the action.

MF: Lucca Comics And Games: your “action figure” was the bust of Don Zauker. How was the public's reaction to this news?

DC: IT was an intuition that we had during the spring. I of orthogonal projections of a torso which I then delivered to the sculptress Francesca Sestigiani who has realized the first draft. Then we met up to work together with the details and we gave him the right to frown. The idea was to get the replica in patinated plaster and finished off in glass, which had then of the effects of terra-cotta, bronze and porcelain. We thought that there are people who keeps a bust of the Duce in the house: why not have one of Don Zauker? So do as well the beautiful figure! We accompanied the bust with a plate of polished brass which bears the inscription “The evil one me lo puppa”, a parchment with a blessing in latinorum and the pope's seal that closes the package, giving it a certain value. The reaction has been good: the people defined it in (I'm sorry to say with this word) “cool”. We have already given away several copies, and we have many bookings. For sure we will have to work on other talking heads to be able to fulfill the demands.

MF: A public that is always warm towards you whenever you are with a new release. What were the reactions of the fans and of the ones you have known for the first time?

EP: The reception was also very good for the new volume, despite the fact that we self-produce and that we do not have a press office. it is easy to say that is a success, when it is obvious there is nothing




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