International trade, the transport sector is “coast” 8 billion tons of CO2

Published on Apr 19, 2017

Eight billion tons of CO2 emissions “embedded” in international trade, that is issued in a country to produce goods consumed in another country, and that is what shows a research that was recently published in the scientific journal international Journal of Cleaner Production, carried out by a group of researchers at the University of Siena and of the Aarhus University Danish, to redraw the map of the world greenhouse gas emissions. The research has estimated the carbon dioxide emissions emitted by the population of over 170 nations in the world on the basis of their consumption. International trade, the transport sector is “coast” 8 billion tons of CO2. “One of the major effects of the current economic system is the relocation of production from developed countries to developing countries – explains Dario Caro, a researcher at Aarhus University and the main author of the analysis. Thus, in addition to reducing the costs of production, taking advantage of the resources of the past, without being minimally responsible from the point of view of environmental policy”. The approach to the consumer adopted by the research differs from the traditional monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions on a national scale, which takes into account only the production that takes place within each country. In the study the calculation of emissions also takes into account goods consumed within national borders, highlighting as well the effect of international trade on emissions on a global scale. The Co2 is hidden. With this new point of view, exporting countries such as China, Russia and the Middle east to reduce their responsibility in greenhouse gas emissions, as a significant part of their production is aimed at satisfying the consumption of the most developed countries. “The United States is the country that imports the largest amount of CO2 ‘hidden’, and with this new allocation, the emissions of which are responsible for increase of about 15%,” explains Simone Bourgeois, a researcher at siena. The study has also focused the attention on the flows of greenhouse gases that are incorporated into goods traded to and from the Mediterranean area that has a total consumption of emissions greater than its production. This is mainly due to imports from China, Russia and the Arab Countries to France, Italy, Spain and Turkey. On the whole, the Italy, as in nearly all developed countries, is an importer of emissions, and this new allocation would increase its domestic emissions by about a quarter.(ANSA)

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