Inter, in praise of his madness

Published on Mar 03, 2016

I have no more doubts: Inter are actually crazy, bipolar. Why can't you pass in just three days from the provision of Torino to the San Siro. Few teams in the world are capable of showing the same opponent over on Sunday evening and dominant some time after. Of course, if I was Mancini I would think you have the wrong formation in the championship (out of Brozovic, Perisic, Eder, Biabiany, the best in Milan), or you have finally found the words and the balance right in the interval between one match and another.

The truth, I don't know. Remain in the eyes, the speed, the organization, the pressing, the recoveries, the estate, the work on the bands developed by Juve, Santon, Nagatomo and Perisic – 30 cross products by external Icardi them can take advantage of in a year. An Inter with the balls, in short, put in difficulty only by the Zaza, really bright and brave.

Of the post I have written and said all over, especially in the well. Yesterday evening I have, however, reworked it, adapting it, a famous thought of Gary Lineker, who wanted to enhance the capacity and the cynicism of the German national team, and this is the result: “The Italian football is a simple game: 22 men chase a ball for 90 or 120 minutes, and at the end Juve wins”.

One final note, just to emphasize the endless hostility, until you get to words quite violent, but in the first place, to highlight the positions, emotions and changes of register and tone of many fans. I followed, as always, live the game, also on Twitter: 3-0 dozens of juventus players were critical of the team and Allegri, of course, only on the test in the cup: remembering the absences, they wrote that Inter deserved the step of the turn. Won the match on penalties, the turning point: the mockery, and recall to the way, to the superiority shown by Bonucci and the company. Nobody wanted to recognize the merits of the opponents.

The team that wins, you change your attitude. But it is normal so, when is Juve-Inter.


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