Intel will produce ARM chips: the deal is official

Published on Aug 17, 2016

We have seen them go to war with one another and contend for a place in the world of mobile, when he was still a growing business. The time saw ARM winner and Intel remain confined to the PC market, with little success in the field of handset.

The foundries of the manufacturer, of course, have accused the blow of the crisis of the PC.

However, it comes a agreement that could change the cards on the table and just comes with what has been a bitter enemy: during the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, has been made public an agreement which sees Intel and ARM.

In this case, Intel have the ability to produce ARM processors for third-party companies.

It is an agreement beneficial for both parties: Intel can realize the change of the route is almost forced moving into the growing market of the Internet of Things, ARM can take advantage of the technologies and production processes developed by Intel to churn out better products.

Part of the agreement is in fact that ARM and Intel Custom Foundry, they accelerate the development and implementation of the SoC ARM with the manufacturing process of Intel's 10-nanometer. The intellectual property, ARM Artisan Physical IP will be available in the production process.

Optimize this technology for the process of Intel 10 nm means that customers can benefit from the IP to achieve the best PPA (power, performance, area) for the implementation of efficient and high-performance dedicated to the mobile, IoT and other types of applications.

Therefore, a new era for both the actors and new opportunities for producers in the markets for mobile and Internet Of Things, which will be able to take advantage of this collaboration after a war that lasted years.

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