Insidious 5 may soon become a reality!

Published on Feb 23, 2018

Insidious – The last key is revealed, among all the films in the series published so far, the episode with the highest takings of the franchise!

Here's a breakdown of how much each film has made:

As reported by Bloody-Disgusting, it seems that Bumhouse is already developing Insidious 5, which should not surprise much given the results and the success obtained up to now; the only question that we can ask is the following: what will be the next chapter in the franchise? Unlikely that it is another prequel.

It would be nice if the film would be directed back to a kind of operation nostalgia, by James Wansto (currently one of the producers) but, given the excellent work done by Adam Robitel, it is more likely that the latter can be confirmed.

We will just have to wait and see what the future of this franchise is becoming more and more engaging.

In case you do not you hit still to the cinema to enjoy The last key, you can let the terror of watching the last clip of the film will be distributed by Sony Pictures and run to buy tickets.


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