Inside the Park of Rimigliano, in the maremma livornese, three restaurants for you to discover

Published on Aug 02, 2016

On Princess street, at the edge of an estate of 35 hectares, in the coastal Park of Rimigliano, San Vincenzo (LI), there are three restaurants: the Nautical Beach, Mistral and Mariva.

The Nautical Beach Restaurant, was born in the distant 1988 as a bar attached to the venue of the Nautical Club, the Tutun Club Surf&Sail, and converted into a restaurant area with easy living, in June of this year.
Everywhere, from the rafters to the floor, from the curtains to the tables, overlooking the white, the color is capable of enhancing the brightness of the mediterranean and give elegance to the environment. The design is linear, and the space evokes the depths of the sea.
It covers an area of 375 square meters, is divided on two files, where are distributed the 100 seats in the restaurant.
The bar area instead, behind the counter, revealing the brilliant blue of the vietri ceramics, invites for a swim in the crystal clear waters and a sun bath, to a consumption easy and step during the day, and the rest of the long evening, for an aperitif on the sofas, wicker chairs, or at the foot of the terrace that stretches out towards the shoreline. The romantic atmosphere is assured.
And’ the ideal place for those seeking simplicity and sophistication.

The kitchen, with the dishes for the set of chef Ennio Faiths and Loris Fusaro, both with experience in the best michelin star restaurants in Italy and abroad, they can create a magical alchemy of food with the colors and flavors typical of the culture of our table.
The caciucco was very superlative of Faiths is combined with the innovative interpretation of Fusaro of items to evergreen as the warm sea salad and the mille-feuille of cod on guttiau bread that you see in the picture below and I can assure you is a unique experience.

The executive Chef of the three restaurants: the Nautical Beach, Mistral and Nautical, is Marcello Rossi.
Born in Forte Stella, Portoferraio, is the quintessence of all that is tuscan.
Grew up behind the counter of the butcher's shop of his father, seven scattered throughout the island of Elba, he always thought that meat was a part of her life, but it is the fish store for a culinary imagination of great meaning and appeal.
Exceptional wild boar to volterra, a ragout of pigeon, and the "coda alla vaccinara" they are the real pièce de rèsistance of his kitchen, but Marcello Rossi prefers the strong character, the precise flavour of a fish based dish. Pairings wise, between the “fruits” of the sea and the products of the territory, are something that words cannot explain, you just have to close your eyes and savor slowly.
The Chef at the Firefly until 2010, the restaurant, the noble of Marina di Campo, where he served, among others, Mel Gibson, Peter Gabriel, Andre Agassi, Marcello Rossi has experienced the internationality, even from behind the stove.
Experience berlin in Bavaria, it retains a taste for the seals and a impiattamento creative.
It is his experience that is worth the call to take the lead on some of the restaurants on the Coast of the Etruscans, of the property of the family Jokes of the management of the Company florentine Arranger Consulting ltd. (Jokes and Lysis).
Under his guidance some of the chefs most promising at the international level are inheriting a culinary culture that takes into account first of all of the convivio, and of the importance of comfort food, food for the soul as well as the palate. The table for Marcello Rossi, must serve the daily joy and present dishes that, in their genuine simplicity remain unforgettable. And I must say that we succeeded.


The Mistral Restaurant, which is decidedly informal, well suited to travellers of taste and essential, has seen its layout in 2013 after spending eleven years as a bar, it became a shed in a wood red live by the sea and you can attend at all hours of the day.

Become Ristogrill thanks to the construction of a local grid connected to the main one, the Mistral today's show the same quality of the restaurants branded. His simple kitchen, with products of high quality and very fresh, the meat cooked on the grill melts in the mouth. A few seasonings, and enough cooking and as only he, the chef, Carmelo Conidia, 28 years old, knows how to do, all of this makes it special every bite.

But there is only the grilled meat. Seven kinds of fish, strictly of the day and of the territory, composing the note), grilled seafood (scampi, shrimps, squid, cuttlefish, tuna, swordfish, octopus).

Restaurant Mariva, built in 2007 by Pay, a brand of international renown in the construction of luxury wooden, Mariva was born as a response to the needs of the man of our days and those of the environment.

The building is about 800 square meters, satisfies the taste of those who goes through it, people in search of reality, able to produce or to enhance the excellence in the respect of the context in which they arise.
The eco-sustainable structure, is in fact the central point of the architectural concept which aims at the relationship of osmosis with the surrounding nature.
Over a dune and natural the restaurant rests with the same lightness of a seagull flight, encouraging the stay relaxing.

The interiors are developed for areas, seven function rooms named after the great navigators: Colombo Room, Cockpit Cook, Room Verazzano, Two Terraces Diaz, Magellano Room, Terrace, and Drake.
Wherever they move, the gaze meets the green of the pine forest or the blue of the sea, and so it is also comfortably sitting in one of the 200 seats, or in the comfortable sofas in which to equip the”galley” of Mariva, and the area of the piano bar.
Around the restaurant are located in a natural oasis that slowly degrade toward the shore, a series of terraces of sand and mediterranean vegetation, where you can stop for a drink, a full meal or the solarium.
Also the Gazebos become ideal places for candle-lit dinners.

At the helm of the kitchen there is Alessandro Paonessa, thirty-year-old origins, from calabria, who like to decline the simplicity in various forms. Capable of transforming the product, “poor”, fish or meat, in a game of contrasts, perfectly balanced between them.

So, in the tortello black-stuffed sea urchin, and burrata pugliese, risotto with lemon and cream of peas flavoured with ginger, tartare of red prawns from Sicily, the history of tuscany goes back to the table with new accents.
All of this is a sensory journey, which is difficult to return!


There is the meal as it should without delight the palate of exceptional wines such as these of the bulichella, located in the area of Suvereto, a few km from the town of San Vincenzo.

The bulichella was founded in 1983 thanks to the four families coming from the north, center and south of italy, which had in common the desire to live together, sharing many experiences, beginning with agricultural production in respect for nature and the environment for internal consumption and for marketing of the products.
In 1999, the family Miyakawa – Hideyuki and Marisa, along with her sons, became the owner of the Company and decide to start afresh with new projects.
Currently, The Include, 42 total, includes 17 hectares of vineyards, 10 hectares of olive groves, a pond, a vegetable garden and orchard, a farmhouse and a small wooded area.
The real turning point towards the Organic farming is in the mid - ’90s, when Mr. Miyakawa and his wife Marisa, decide to invest in the production that most characterizes Suvereto and Val di Cornia, on the wine. The project also collaborates with the family Bonaguidi, rooted always in this area and for this a knowledge of its specific characteristics and particular microclimate.
In 1997 it was realized the new cellar, enlarged and equipped with years of cutting-edge technology.
In addition to the various restyling were different, the vineyards. New vineyards were planted, which, after some years of experimentation, characterize today the production, of small size but of high quality.

Summer still is not over, if you want to make a “trip” with all the senses, if for you eating is not only nourish the body but also the spirit, I leave you the address.

Restaurant Boat (simple and elegant)
Via della Principessa 120 – San Vincenzo (LI)
phone 0565 719382

Restaurant Mistral (it – informal)
Via della Principessa 120 – San Vincenzo (LI)
phone 0565 719593

Restaurant Mariva (pure magic, with swimming pool)
Via della Principessa 120 – San Vincenzo (LI)
phone 0565 719777

The Agricultural Company (Farm)
The Include
Loc. Include 131
57028 Suvereto (LI)
tel 0565 829892
[email protected]
open all year round


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