Inside or outside: the Luino-Maccagno and Gerenzanese tomorrow we play the season in 90 minutes

Published on May 13, 2017

Ninety minutes. At this time, the Luino-Maccagno and Gerenzanese have to fight for the salvation and keep the First Category. Everything hangs in the balance, however, after the 0-0 draw of the playout on the way in. The guys of De Berardinis, however, have two results on three, because of the final classification of the championship. “It will be a battle for every ball. The guys are focused, we do not have to miss anything. We will have to play the classic perfect match,” says the mister luino area. Inside or outside: the Luino-Maccagno and Gerenzanese tomorrow we play the season in 90 minutes. It will be a Park Margorabbia of the great opportunities that tomorrow will host the final of the playout of the First Category, in which captain Lucchini and his companions will try everything to get the much longed for salvation. Ninety minutes in which luinesi and the Gerenzanese will have to fight for every ball, without stepping back, never. Luino, however, has a small advantage, to be able to even equalize to be saved, automatically, by virtue of the best position in the standings at the end of the championship. The company has chosen not to pay the entrance to their fans and supporters to search for a salvation, which at a certain point in the season seemed like a mirage. De Berardinis, however, will have to do less of Ancelliero and Square, but there should be the recovery of Roman and Cervaro. “Compared to the forecast are a bit more confident, " explains mister luino area Andrea De Berardinis -. Despite will not be available for Ancelliero and Square, we have recovered both Roman Cervaro, in the defence are fundamental pieces. We can not think only to defend ourselves, because they will be field hardened. They will have nothing to lose and will only take a win. We have to play the game of life to win it. Without if and without but. The boys know that, and we talked about it a long time in training, where I held a high level of attention and concentration. We'll play our cards, knowing the limitations that we have and knowing the Gerenzanese, a competitive team and strong physically, that we will attack from the first minute. We have to be able to close down the spaces, not to make mistakes and to start afresh in speed. Can play in different ways, and we will post the race adapting to their tactics with a balance between the lines. I have prepared the game to win it and make every virtue. I think as is the season, for all the sacrifices he made, the salvation would be the correct prize. We'll do our best”. The kick-off to the sports field in the Park Margorabbia is scheduled at 16 hours.

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