Insane and punk, Zoolander 2 is even better than the first

Published on Feb 10, 2016

Ridiculously awesome. Zoolander was, and there it is: beautiful, beautiful in an absurd way.
His comedy as applied to the world of models and fashion shows is based on stereotypes, movie quotes and cameos important, that is, a scheme so simple that they can be more limit that opportunity and instead... Rocks! Today, even more than the first time. Also for the merit of the comparsate excellent.
Anticipate it would be a spoiler unacceptable: part of the taste remains in the ‘No, I don't believe’ every time you acknowledge someone. Because, to stay in the game debunking of a movie that entertains both leisure and fashion do not understand it, convinced that ‘massacres’ on the system while the us wallows in, is those who, instead, fashion loves and fashion ciba, which appreciates self-ironic spirit* with which designers are participating, are the largest. Only the great. Big names and big stars of pop, as a pillar of popular culture, and global, involved who more and who less, but all the results are explosive, to demonstrate that nothing is more cool than a healthy and aware to take a little’ around.
In this, Zoolander is a great and, in the end, harmless Carnival, where all welcome the theme of the party, exaggerate a bit and enjoy an evening of trashy, grotesque, hyperbolic, absurd, insane and even a bit of punk that will remain only the great fun. In fact, no. Will also have a new sympathy for those who participated.
Ben Stiller and his partners, in the role of jester to which everything is permitted, are of the lords. Gentlemen writers. There is a comic timing's wrong, no hit is trivial and there is craziness without a loss of taste. Mica is easy.
Dumb & dumber, playing with a different pair of super-idiots (played by Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels), or Bruno Sacha Baron Cohen, have brought together big names of the laughter on land very similar but didn't even come to the perfect chemistry of Zoolander. The point is that Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson have an edge and, paradoxically, in a film that jokes about and with fashion, it is an elegance from the Magnum.

*for the series, “a laugh will bury, haters” but also “intelligence is ironic is the accessory most elegant”


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