Inhumans: something inhuman is from this part. Review the fifth episode

Published on Nov 05, 2017

Aired on FOX in the fifth episode of the series Marvel Inhumans confirm all the defects of a show without the present and even the future

The royal family of the Inhuman has finally gathered and, from Hawaii, prepares to recover the place that belongs to it to Attilan.

In a very sintettica you could summarize the last episode of the Inhumans, the Marvel series and ABC broadcast in Italy by FOX, an episode which, again, is presented with few lights and many of them (now they are really too many) shadows that still leaves a last, almost totally unreal, a shred of hope in the hearts of the deluded as me to see this series explode to levels that would.

Unfortunately, three episodes from the end of the first season, it is now perhaps the case you begin to resign ourselves to consider Inhumans a missed opportunity.

But let's go with order.

The fifth episode of the Inhumans, “Something Inhuman is on this side”, is presented as a passage of time between the loss that he had seen the royal family, dispersed and persecuted in Hawaii, to the rescue of the erstwhile rulers of Attilan, who meet and find the strength to begin to think of a way to stop Maximus.

The episode is also the occasion to deepen some of the secondary characters in the series such as Karnak and Gorgon, given that the episode opens with the rational Karank that, between the arms of the young trafficker is learning to live with new feelings and emotions.

It was already clear by the time this report estonians with the character of the one who should be the wise counselor of the king, but in view of the fold that has now taken the character of Karnak in this TV series, all that remains is to accept it as one of the many “peculiarities” which are not ahhno operated in the show.

However, it is precisely because of this relationship that we got to see Karnak in action again, in fact, ahead of the threat, to see himself and his companion, victims of the socio jealous of her before, and of the lords of the drug then, resurface the old instincts of the strategist, fighter, giving us some good fight scenes (I admit, I'm almost excited to see Karnak deflect a bullet with one hand).

Yes, we are still far from the true power of Karnak, of which we had a foretaste during the first episode, but in a TV series about beings with super powers no powers, you have to know how to satisfy.

Some of the flashback we then deepen the relationship between the Karnak and Gorgon, giving depth to the characters and explain how the first one to feel responsible for the second, as strong as it was naive and unaware of the consequences of his actions.

This aseptto will be completely overturned when Gorgon will save the friend from the hands of drug lords using her power (finally a power! but don't get used too much).

Soon the two inhuman, and the young smuggler, injured in the clashes, soon to be joined by the Black Arrow, and Medusa who were put on their tracks with Louise to the inhuman Locus, in the service of Maximus, and now their prisoner.

The king and the queen are confirmed as a couple well-matched, with the wisdom and confidence of the Black Arrow well balanced by the bitter strength and the protective hardness of the Jellyfish, which continues to be the character the most believable of the entire series thanks also to the excellent interpretation of Serinda Swan.

It is also interesting to observe how in this episode of the Inhumans for the first time the royal couple is forced to question why Maximus was able to accativarsi the favor of many of the inhabitants of Attilan, and if there is actually something that they themselves could do to improve the company of the inhuman.

Again, the forced exile on Earth turns out to be for the members of the royal family an occasion for a journey into self that inevitably will change the future of their race.

Only the Crystal is not able to join the rest of the royal family, but the rapid healing of Lockjaw, also recovers his power of teleportation, lets assume that you do not have to wait much.

In waiting the sister of Medusa remains in the company of the blond-haired Dave, that teaches us to live the carefree spirit of Hawaii, bringing to life a scene quite surreal considering the dramatic situation being experienced by his family.

To be lost and disorganized, in this episode, are a bad, with Auran and Mordis still on the trail of the Black Arrow and his companions, and the same Maximus who tries to consolidate his power without realizing that the court is to act as a controgolpe for destituirlo.

In conclusion, Something Inhuman is on this side, seems to be yet another episode that tries to prepare us for something big but late yet to arrive, while continuing to spiattellarci under the nose, all the problems become chronic in this series, that could be many things, and has chosen to be practically the worst of all.

Bet after bet, with everything that doesn't work in this show, continuous reinforced in me the idea that this TV series has been a wasted opportunity to produce something really interesting.

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