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Published on Jun 25, 2017


Up to the 27th of June is on a new promotion for Infostrada offers ADSL and Fiber: users can enjoy free activation and, in most cases, discounted line rental for the first year. Here are the details.

The Internet offers to the ADSL Infostrada are three: Absolute, All-Inclusive Unlimited and Easy the Internet. All, for those who subscribe before the 27th of June, they have free activation, while both Easy Internet that Absolute have also discounted line rental for the first year.

Easy Internet is the most economical rate from among those proposed by Infostrada, and is characterized by having no unlimited Internet: it is in fact an offer which includes 25 GB of traffic, after which you can continue to navigate paying 1 euro for each additional day of browsing, or to 8 euros to have unlimited Internet access until the next renewal. It is, in other words, a best proposal for those who use the Internet in a non-intensive, to surf, social network, and for a bit of television streaming. In more Easy Internet also allows you to make calls without spending anything as a per-minute basis, but only paying the connection fee for calls to the fixed and mobile domestic and fixed international. The fee of the Easy Internet, from 20 to 27 June, has a cost 16,95 euro every 4 weeks for a year, then $ 19.95 every 4 weeks.

Absolute is in everything and for everything similar to Easy Internet, but in this case the Internet is without limits: for the rest, are the phone calls charged by the minute, and free activation. The cost of Absolute up to June 27 is $ 19.95 every 4 weeks, and then 24,95 euro every 4 weeks.

All Inclusive Unlimited offers unlimited Internet, but phone calls are all included, and you pay nothing for the charge per minute for the shot at the answer. The fee is 24.95 euro every 4 weeks for a fixed price, always with free activation.

For those who want to choose the optical fiber until the 27th of June, I present the following offers, which are based on ADSL charges from which they take the name with regard to telephony, but with connections of up to 1 Giga in the cities reached by FTTH) (or Fiber to the home):


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