Influence, for diabetics could be very dangerous: here's why

Published on Oct 19, 2018

Influence: among the at-risk subjects, there are also diabetic patients. In the latter suffering from type diabetic 1 or 2, the influence is a risk not to be underestimated.

For diabetic patients the influence triples the risk of hospitalization, quadruples the possibility of ending up in the icu in patients suffering from diabetes typ 1 or 2, and doubles the risk of death. Taking into account the risks that the influence in terms of complications may result in for patients suffering from diabetes, the scientific societies Italian Sid and Amd in the new guidelines relating to the care of diabetes mellitus, have also included the vaccinations.

In particular, explains to Adnkronos salute, Giancarlo Icardi, professor of Hygiene at the University of Genoa:

“Between the categoriea risk there is a special group of patients, patients with diabetes, which, unfortunately, has not the perception of such risk. In this regard, it was prepared a document of consensus among scientific societies dealing with diabetes, Amd, and Sid, who, in collaboration with Sites, Fimmg, and Simg, in which is emphasized the role of influenza in causing morbidity and mortality in the diabetic, at any age”

Icardi stresses the importance of the flu vaccination not only for diabetics, but for all at-risk groups:

“the appeal is addressed not only to diabetics but also to all the groups at risk is to get vaccinated because, as we often say, we want not so much to increase life expectancy but to improve the quality of life. And influenza vaccination in diabetic patients points to this goal”

In our country, there are about 3 million people affected by diabetes, of which 6-8% is represented by the children. Domenico Mannino, president of the Association of medical diabetologists in respect of the risks to the diabetic patient speiga that:

“you are linked to a number of factors related to diabetes and other diseases affected by the disease. The problem is that almost 60% of patients with diabetes is ultra65enne, then very often with pluripatologia that, if subsequent to diabetes is quite often cardiovascular, and then the presence of breathing difficulties related to the flu can lead to episodes of decompensation of cardiovascular, infarction, up to the risk of premature death”.

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