Infinity: the outputs of the June 2019


Published on May 23, 2019


Waiting for the arrival of the summer, Infinity the streaming service Mediaset in June, has expanded its programming to meet every need: from the highly anticipated Aquaman in The LEGO Movie 2 – A New Adventure (simultaneously with the release on home video), up to The Law of the Night, without forgetting the tv series unpublished as Splitting Up Together.

On Infinity Premiere, from 7 to 13 June, back Shark The First Shark, that will bring you face-to-face with the largest predator of all times: the Megalodonte, a shark prehistoric of almost 23 metres. Adaptation of the novel by Steve Alten MEG published in 1997, the film starring Jason Statham makes us reflect on the acceptance and the overcoming of his fears, starting from a gimmick of science fiction tinged with horror.

The LEGO Movie 2 – A New Adventure will arrive on Infinity Premiere from 14th to 20th of June day&date. The film, also available in 4K, brings together the heroes of Bricksburg in a new adventure to save their beloved city. For all lovers of the famous bricks, not just the little ones!

From the 21st to the 27th of June and will be available on Infinity Premiere Aquaman, an adventure into the underwater world of the seven seas that will make you hold your breath. The film, already available in 4K, reveals the origins of Arthur Curry, played by Jason Momoa, and accompanies him on a journey that will force him to face who he really is, but also to discover if he is worthy to be what is born... a king.

Back on Infinity Premiere from 28 June to 4 July-Crazy & Rich, the film adaptation of the international best-seller by Kevin Kwan. Set between New York and the most luxurious of Singapore, this fun romantic comedy will make you relive the emotions of Sex & The City in a sauce eastern. Rachel, born in New York city, to accompany her boyfriend Nick to a wedding in Singapore, where she discovers that Nick is a descendant of one of the most important families of the Country.

For the catalogue to the Cinema and to the customers in possession of devices 4K, from June 6, will be available for The Courier – The Mule, in conjunction with the release of the title to rent. Directed by and starring Clint Eastwood, the film is inspired by the true story of Leo Sharp, a veteran of the war to the threshold of 90 years, who becomes a courier of the drugs for a cartel in mexico. With Bradley Cooper, Laurence Fishburne, Michael Peña, Dianne Wiest and Andy Garcia, the film is recommended for fans of the dramatic genre, with a cast of exception.

From 7 June it will arrive on Infinity also LEGO Batman – The Movie, a spin-off of the great adventure to lego bricks The LEGO Movie. Set in Gotham, Batman wants to save the city from the hostile takeover of the Joker, but to do so they must abandon the spirit of a lonely avenger, seek the collaboration of others, and, perhaps, learn to take a little less seriously. In the Italian version of the film, they lend their voices, Claudio Santamaria and Geppi Cucciari.

The Last Word – The True Story of Dalton Trumbo will be available on Infinity from 11 June. The film tells the story of the life of the Hollywood writer Dalton Trumbo, which, when inserted in the black list of Hollywood for his political views, he continues to write under a pseudonym other scripts of success such as Roman Holiday and Spartacus. Trumbo is interpreted by Bryan Cranston, joined by a cast that also includes Diane Lane, Helen Mirren and Elle Fanning.

From the 15th of June he will return again on Infinity Ready Player One, the film directed by Steven Spielberg set in the 2045, which pays homage to the ‘80s and the pop culture. Based on the eponymous book by Ernest Cline, the film contains more than 130 Easter Egg, between the characters and references to pop culture. You managed to find them all? You just need a rewatch to not want to escape even one!

Directed by and starring Ben Affleck, The Law of the Night will be available in the catalogue of Infinity from June 22. Set during prohibition, the story follows the story of Joe Coughlin, the son of a captain of the Boston police department, which will become a smuggler and a smuggler of rum, and, later, a notorious gangster.

For the Catalog TV Series on June 3 and will be available on Infinity box full of Deception. After that his career was ruined by a scandal, the illusionist Cameron Black becomes a consultant for the FBI, to help the government to solve strange crimes. Dedicated to those who seek the action, with a pinch of magic.

Arriving on the 7th of June, also the box full of Laughed, the musical drama that recalls the atmosphere of Glee, and tells a true story based on the book Drama High by Michael Sokolove. Professor Lou Mazzuchelli will take in hand the reins of the theatre department of the high school where he teaches, from the time difficulty, and with his contribution and his passion will soon inspire not only her students, but the entire town.

The first season of Splitting Up Together come on Infinity on June 2, with two episodes in a preview and to follow, June 9, with an episode a week. The series tells the story of a couple who, after the divorce, he prefers not to sell the house and decides to live alternately in the apartment of the garage. However, the situation will not be easy to manage!

From 22 June and will arrive on Infinity with an episode a week the last 6 episodes of the eighth season of Suits, the legal drama focused on a cynical New York attorney with a passion for the dresses and the worldly life. The eighth season sees the entry into the cast of Katherine Heigl, known to the public for his role as Izzie in Grey's Anatomy.

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