Infinity: the outputs of the April 2019


Published on Mar 30, 2019


Spring arrives on Infinity, the streaming service and download Mediaset (now also on Sky to subscribers family), between the film and the tv series supereroistici and not. Let's see them together.

If you are passionate about the stories of the superheroes in the flesh, you can not not love those of their alter ego animated and LEGO. You can find all the references to the films of the DC? Put yourself to the test with “LEGO DC Super Heroes: Aquaman and the Justice League” and “Justice League: Throne of Atlantis” coming up on Infinity Premiere from 5 to 11 April.

Always Infinity Premiere, which is available from the 12th to the 18th of April, day&date, “Witness the Invisible”, a remake of the Spanish film of 2016 “The Invisible Guest”. The film, starring Miriam Leone and Riccardo Scamarcio. A rich businessman is accused of murder and his perfect life seems to crumble to pieces. Can you solve the mystery around this death, and that the guilty be jailed? Dedicated to the lovers of crime and thriller.

From 19 to 25 April arrives on the Infinity Premiere “Smallfoot – my friend of snow”, based on the book “Yeti Tracks” or “On the tracks of the Yeti”, the animated film tells the story of the friendship between a human and the mythical Yeti. Will be destined to last? You just need to push play to find out. The film is dedicated to children, but won the attention of larger.

“One of the family”, the film by Alessio Maria Federici will be available on Infinity Premiere from 26 April to 2 may. When Luke, a forty-year-old who lands ends meet, with lessons in diction, save for the case the life of a scion of a powerful family, part of organized crime in calabria, his life changes forever. A movie that ironically does reflect on modern times. Recommended to all those who want to think, with a laugh.

Available from the 1st of April, also in 4K, “Fantastic Animals – The Crimes of the Grindelwald”, the long-awaited second chapter of the saga-prequel to Harry Potter. Newt will have to contend with the fearsome Grindewald, given that Dumbledore could not confront it directly. The reason for this? The two wizards are linked together by a bond which is very strong, almost indestructible. Dedicated to all lovers of fantasy, and not only.

“Poor but rich” comes to Infinity from the 13th of April, and starring Christian De Sica, Enrico Brignano. Another glimpse of the Italy of today, with the family Tucci wins suddenly a large sum of money thanks to the lottery, and their lives will change forever.

Available from the 22nd of April, “Nocturnal Animals”, directed by Tom Ford, famous fashion designer from united states. The film is dedicated to all lovers of fashion and art, with its perfect symmetries and colors tonal. Not only that, but “Nocturnal Animals” is a story within the story, a thriller that will keep you in suspense, as the protagonist played by Amy Adams, that the law on paper is the story of his lost love with the writer, played by Jake Gyllenhaal. For lovers of revenge, served cold on a silver platter.

From the 26th of April arrives on the Infinity the “Fallen”. The trend for Young Adult, the film is particularly recommended to lovers of the genre and to fans of “Twilight”. “Fallen” tells the story of Luce, who is accused of a crime he did not commit. Sent in reformatory and meets two guys that are totally different between them, Daniel and Cam. Daniel is actually a fallen angel, forced to fall in love with her every seventeen years, only to kiss her and see her die in his arms.

From the 27th of April comes the “Marriage with the former”. Eve (Glenn Close) is a movie star who is retreating from the scene. As she prepares for the fourth marriage, she decided to meet up again with her first husband and her daughters. Dedicated to all those who are planning a long list of weddings to play here in September (the film will help to defuse the situation!).

By 30 April will be available the dramatic “I, Daniel Blake”, directed by Ken Loach. After a heart attack and Daniel needs the economic aid of the State, which, however, will be difficult to obtain. The film won in 2016, the golden palm at the Cannes film Festival.


For the Catalog TV-Series, here are the arrivals:

It starts from 2 April with the second season of “Riverdale” compiange the departure of Luke Perry, the beloved Dylan in “Beverly Hills 90210”, the father of the protagonist in the tv show dedicated to the adventures of Archie.

Arriving the 5th of April, the second season of “Taken”, a franco-american, focused on the revenge of the ex-military, involved in an obscure conspiracy of the CIA. To survive he will have to use all his strength. Dedicated to the lovers of crime and the paranormal.

The third season of “The Detour” arrives on the Infinity on April 15. The misadventures of the family the most rickety of always continue in the streets of the United States. Will the family Bee find the way home?

“A. P. Bio” arrives on the Infinity on the 24th of April, and tells of the adventures of prof. philosophy Jack Griffin. Expelled from Harvard, he will be back in Ohio for teaching advanced biology to a class of the local high school. Will be able to survive? For all teachers and for those who remember, with some nostalgia, the years of high school.

“Living Biblically” will be available on Infinity since April 26. After losing his friend and discovered that his girlfriend is pregnant, a film critic decides to take the letter of the Bible, living literally according to the rules laid down in the sacred text.

On April 2, coming up with an episode a week, the fourth season of “Blindspot” which will add to the caskets of the first three seasons are already available in the catalog. If you are a lover of puzzles this is the series for you. A girl finds herself inside a duffel bag left in times Square, dazed and full of tattoos on the body. Solving those puzzles will lead to the resolution of the mystery is tied to his identity, and the fourth season is even more exciting than ever. Played by Jamie Alexander “Remi”, is sure to win you over. The caskets of the first three seasons are available in the catalogue.


From the 12th of April available, with an episode a week, “Murphy Brown,” the sitcom starring Candice Bergen. The series returns with a reboot of 13 new episodes continuing the adventures of the show which aired between 1988 and 1998 on CBS. Ready to take a dip in the past?

“The All American” comes up, always, with an episode a week, from April 15. For those who love the United States and the popularity of football, this is the series perfect. Focused on the events inspired by the life of the former player Spencer Paysinger, talks about the cultural and social differences of America today, when a player from the South L. A. is called to play in the prestigious Beverly Hills High.

From the 21st of April comes, with one episode per week, “God Friended Me” centered on the life of an atheist, to which is sent the friend request on Facebook from an account called “God”, which suggests new friends who live in the area. Curious decides to follow the hints that will lead him to find the mysterious user behind the account “God”.

Dedicated to all lovers of “The Vampire Diaries” arrives from the 25th of April, “Legacies”, with an episode a week. Among the protagonists, Matt Davis, aka Alaric Saltzman, dean of the Salvatore Boarding School, the father of the protagonists, tries to help the werewolves, vampires and witches for not marginalizing them from the society.

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