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Published on Feb 24, 2019


It will be a month of movies, but especially tv series on the Infinity, live streaming tv Mediaset. For the catalog movies from the 1 to the 7 march return, even in 4K, on Infinity Premiere “A Star is Born”, the film candidate and eight Oscars starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, which promise to ignite the night of the Academy Awards with their duet of “Shallow”, the movie song of the favourites for the victory.

From 8 to 14 march, come two films dedicated to Scooby-Doo “Scooby-Doo and the phantom of the Ranch” and “Scooby Doo and the Ghost of Red. Two fun adventures that take Shaggy and Scooby to search the wild west, haunted by the spirits! The animated characters of Hanna-Barbera entered in the Guinness book of records in October 2004, beating “The Simpsons” for number of episodes products such as animated television series.

From the 15th to the 21st of march they return, even in 4K, on Infinity Premiere the criminal adventures of Debby, Ocean (Sandra Bullock) in “Ocean's 8”. Spin-off of the saga dedicated to Danny Ocean (George Clooney). In the film, also Cate Blanchett, Mindy Mailing, Rihanna and Anne Hathaway, who has replaced Jennifer Lawrence in the movie (striking back in any way the role soffiatole from Lawrence “The Positive Side”, which earned the actress an Oscar).

From the 22nd to the 28th of march and will be available on Infinity's Premiere of “Teen Titans Go”, the animated film that involves five superhero teenagers in the salvation of the world, threatened by a formidable villain. In the original version of Nicolas Cage provides the voice of Superman.

From march 29 to April 4, is back on Infinity Premiere of “The Nun, The vocation of evil”, also available in 4K. Spin-off of the saga of “The Conjuring”, starring the demon in the shape of a nun. Unlike previous chapters of the saga, this is the only film not to be inspired by neither event nor the historical facts documented.

On march 10th and available on Infinity ' That you want”, directed by Edoardo Leo, the film also starring together with Anna Foglietta. What are you willing to do to see your dreams come true? A couple in crisis, economic, public, unintentionally, a proclamation which promises to turn a porn if the crowdfunding will be funded. The couples featured in the film, except those of the protagonists, are all couples in real life too.

From the 13th of march, come on the Infinity “Independence day": Regeneration”, the sequel to the cult film of the ‘90s. With Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum ready to save the Earth from a new alien invasion.

From the 22nd of march arrives on the Infinity “Sully”, the film directed by Clint Eastwood starring Tom Hanks in the role of the pilot who managed to ditch the flight US 1549 on the Hudson river, saving the lives of all the passengers. To make the film were used really two Airbus A320s went into retirement after years of honorable service in the skies.

From march 23 a Meryl Streep unpublished on Infinity with the film “Florence”. Known for his singing ability (in addition to those of the actress) Streep is out of place and cue as ever in his film career in the film which tells the life of the heiress, and “singer” of the opera and we realise too late to have a very bad throat. The talented Streep is also derived from having played all of the songs, without stunts.

Available on Infinity from march 28, “Deception”. During the american civil war a wounded soldier is welcomed into a female college, throwing misunderstandings between the women present. The film, directed by Sofia Coppola and starring Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, and Elle Fanning was presented at the Cannes film festival in 2017 and won the award as best director. For the first time after fifty years, the prize has been awarded to a woman, and Coppola was only the second woman director to win in that category in the long history of the French fair.

But the changes concern especially the section on Tv Series like I said. Available from 1 march, the fifth complete season of “The Goldbergs” and coming from 26 march, with an episode a week, the sixth season, for a dip in the ’80s. The series is autobiographical, and is created by Adam F. Goldberg based on memories of her childhood.

Always on the 1st of march will be available in the box set of the third season of “Chicago Med,” and on march 22 also available on the fourth season with an episode a week for a look daily in the chaotic lives of the doctors of the hospital of Chicago. The events are also connected with “Chicago P. D.” and “Chicago Fire”.

From 1 march, with the arrival on Infinity with an episode a week on the third season of “The Good Place”, the irreverent comedy with Kristen Bell and Ted Danson. In the new season the main characters could leave Heaven in favor of Earth, but what will this change for them? You just need to follow the show to find out.

From the 5th of march, come on the Infinity the “American Woman” where a single mother, and a little bit posh, he tries to survive growing up with his two daughters in the Los Angeles of the ’70s. A series that celebrates girl power, based on the story of the “Real Housewife of Beverly Hills” Kyle Richards.

“Whiskey Cavalier” comes to Infinity from 8 march, starring Lauren Cohan, and Scott Foley. A CIA agent and a FBI will have to work together for a mission that has the goal of saving the world. To be on the show Lauren Cohan has paused its participation in the series that made her famous, “The Walking Dead”.

Available from the 14th of march, with an episode a week, “Mom”, the tv series with Anna Faris and Oscar-winner Allison Janney. A single mom trying to stay sober and lead a normal life in the Napa Valley. A show where the laughs are genuine, given that the show is filmed live in front of an audience. It has recently been renewed for a seventh and eighth season.

“Chicago P. D.” is back with the sixth season, from march 14 to tell the lives of the police officers of the Intelligence Unit of Chicago.

From the 20th of march will arrive on Infinity, the fourth season of “Superstore”. The life of the employees of a big warehouse, never been so hilarious. Starring America Ferrera in the fourth season there will be a cameo of Eden Sher in the role of Penny, a potential new employee of Cloud 9.

From the 27th of march will arrive on Infinity the third season of “Riverdale”. The finale of the second season, the protagonist Archie is imprisoned as a dangerous criminal is on the run. Will the protagonist to prove his innocence? Two of the protagonists of the series, Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse pair up both the tv series and in real life.

From the 30th of march come, the new anticipated episodes of “Will & Grace”. Return of the hilarious adventures of an interior designer in Manhattan and his best friend, a brilliant lawyer in the Big Apple. With them the usual Jack and Karen, two characters definitely out of control and out of each scheme. Lots of guest stars in this new season, by Samira Wiley David Schwimmer, Matt Bomer, Leslie Jordan, and Minnie Driver. To get prepared, or even just for a rewatch, the first (ninth) season of the revival of Will & Grace is already available on the infinity.

March is also the time for superheroes! The box sets complete seasons of the series of the superheroes in DC are already available on the Infinity and the new seasons are coming soon with an episode a week:

On march 8th, will come in the preview on Infinity, the first episode of the fourth season of “DC's Legends of Tomorrow”. In this season the comedy will take over from the dramatic tones and superheroes. Two of the protagonists of the series, Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford, are married in real life and they have a son together.

The fifth season of “The Flash” will arrive on Infinity from march 12. The Team Flash will be put to the test in this new season. After the announcement resounding of the daughter of Barry Allen went back in time, the team of superheroes will have to manage the consequences of a serious error committed by the girl.

The seventh season of “Arrow” will be available starting from march 14. This season also marks a series of mini-crossover of the three episodes with The Flash. A big revelation will be central in this season and it will mark a fundamental change in Oliver Queen, played by Stephen Ammell.

The fourth season of “Supergirl” will arrive instead with an episode a week from the 14th of march. New adventures await the cousin of Superman, as the series marks a record already, it is the first tv series with a superhero protagonists who in the cast of a superhero, a transgender played by an actress who is transgender.

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