Infinity: the outputs of February in anticipation of the Oscars


Published on Jan 24, 2019


After the announcement of the Oscar nominations, the catalog Cinema of Infinity streaming tv Mediaset is enriched with so many titles to get prepared. In exclusive preview on Infinity Premiere, from 8 to 14 February, in conjunction with the arrival of the title on home video and rental, “A Star Is Born”. The fresh film Oscar nominees-2019 with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, it is, in fact, won eight nominations including best film, best actor and best actress.

From 1 to 7 February, will return to Infinity “Ready Player One”, also available in 4K, the film set in the 2045, which enshrines the ’80s and the pop culture by Steven Spielberg. Nominated for the Oscar for special effects, and based on the eponymous book by Ernest Cline, the film contains more than 130 easter egg, between the characters and references to pop culture. You managed to find them all? You just need a rewatch to not want to escape even one!

From 8 to 14 February on Infinity will be available in “Crazy & Rich”, even in 4K, especially recommended to those who want to romantic comedies in the style of the years ’90/’00, all dressed in the sauce of the east. Set in Singapore, the film shows the life and the luxury of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Already confirmed the sequel, given the huge success at the box office.

“The Shark – The First Shark arrives in the replay to Infinity, from the 22nd to the 28th of February, also available in 4K. Among the protagonists of the film also Ruby Rose, who is almost drowned during the filming, while during an action scene you can hear some notes of the soundtrack of “jaws”, the famous movie of Steven Spielberg.

From the sharks, prehistoric to clowns disturbing, on the Infinity from February 2 arrives, even in 4K, “IT”, and his terrifying Pennywise. The film, adapted from the famous Stephen King novel, is a bildungsroman that pays homage to the atmospheres of the serial, “Stranger Things”, which, in turn, pays homage to the work of King. A vicious cycle that promises to be freezing the blood of the spectator.

Complicated relationships with their loved ones? The vision of “Fathers and Daughters”, directed by Gabriele Muccino, could be the right movie for you. Played by Russell Crowe, and Amanda Seyfried, who will be returning together on the big screen after the success of “Les Miserable”. The film will arrive on Infinity on the 6th of February.

For lovers of sports and not only, available from 8 February, “The Program” with the investigation on the cycling champion Lance Armstrong pursued by a journalist for irish sport. To fully immerse yourself in the role, the protagonist Ben Foster has been on drugs, under prescription and strict medical supervision, to increase her physical abilities.

From 9 February and will be available on Infinity “Lego: Ninjago – The Movie”, in which the cast of voice actors, in the original language version, appears even Dave Franco, brother of James, struggling with his second voice acting in the cinematic universe of Lego. Dave Franco has taken part with a cameo in “The Lego Movie”.

From the 14th of February arrives on the Infinity “Mom or Dad?” with Antonio Albanese and Paola Cortellesi who play a couple who argue (on the contrary) for the care and custody of the children. After the divorce, in fact, both have to choose whether to sacrifice their career in favour of the progeny. In the same year, the two actors have starred together in two comedies, as well as “Mom or Dad?” are in fact the protagonists of the film “Like a cat in ring road”.

But February is also the month of Valentine's day and then on the Infinity comes “couples Therapy for lovers,” is available from 16 February, because the one who has said that therapy is only for married couples? In the film, the show Ambra Angiolini e Pietro Sermonti, two lovers who have decided to turn to a therapist to resolve their problems. We succeed?

“Storks in the mission” arrives on the Infinity from February 17, also in 4K. The animated film, from the creators of “the Lego Movie” tells the story of Storks, a stork, which is passed from the delivery of the child to the packages in the mail.

You want to unplug and leave for a vacation? Start with the “Girls Trip – The trip of the girls” – that will come to Infinity on the 23rd of February – the first film produced, written, directed and performed entirely by african-americans to have reached the milestone of 100 million dollars at the box office.

From 28 February, available on Infinity also “Barry Seal – An american story,” which stars Tom Cruise in the role of a pilot under the cover of the CIA who becomes a courier of the drug. The pilot's skilled (he holds the patent after having starred in “Top Gun”), the actor has filmed all the scenes of flight, without the need for stunts.

Many arrivals in the catalogue Tv Series. From February 6 to arrive on Infinity box full of “Murder in the First”, from the first to the third season. Murder, detective, serial killer, and rapper. Among the protagonists of the show, in fact, appear even several musicians, like the rapper Hopsin. A crime anthology that has taken the legacy of The Killing.

The ninth season of “Shameless” will be available starting from 9 February with an episode a week is added then all the other seasons already. Stories of a not her regular family has won with his irreverence, the United States and not only. The stories and the jokes in the script are so outrageous and exaggerated, as even said of the cast that has confirmed in several interviews that the limit is often exceeded in the tv show!

From the 13th of February will be available in the box set to complete the first season of “Golden Boy”. By the subtitle “The Power has its price”, starring Theo James, already a heartthrob in the saga of “Divergent”, that on the set he used in his typical american accent despite being born in Oxford.

From the February 13, come on the Infinity, with an episode a week, the fifth season of “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce”, the perfect guide to survive a divorce. In the cast Lisa Edelstein and Beau Garrett. The two had already met on the set of “Dr. House M. D.”, where Garrett has played a cameo.

From February 20, arrives on the Infinity, with an episode a week, the long-awaited second season of “Young Sheldon”, the tv show that tells the life of the theoretical physicist's most-loved small screen, Sheldon Cooper. The opening credits of the show are a parody of the famous intro of “Walker, Texas Ranger”. The first season of the series is already available on the Infinity.

The seventh season of “Chicago Fire” will be available with an episode a week on the Infinity from February 23. The first series dedicated to the world of the fire brigade takes the title of each episode, from the dialogue of the scene. In the cast in addition to Jesse Spencer (Dr. Chase in Dr. House) and Taylor Kinney, the former of Lady Gaga.

The second season of “The Sinner” is added to the first already available on the Infinity, with an episode a week from the 28th of February. The series, which in this new season, starring Carrie Coon, was one of the first television series to be presented on the occasion of a film festival, in this case, the Tribeca Film Festival.

Always from the 28th of February and will be available on Infinity, with an episode a week, the twentieth season of “Law and Order – Unit, victims, special”. The detectives of the homicide squad of New York still have many stories to tell in the one of crime's most long-lived of the small screen.

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