Infinity: the outputs of December 2018


Published on Nov 21, 2018


Infinity, the streaming service and download of Mediaset, under the festivities do not go on holiday, but offers many titles between the cinema and the tv series to enjoy during the holidays.

With regard to the catalogue of the Cinema on the Infinity Premiere will be available from 7 to 13 December, “Crazy & Rich”, the film adaptation of the bestseller by Kevin Kwan. The film arrives on the Infinity Premiere a few months from the release in Italian cinemas, and in conjunction with the arrival of the title to rent, and will also be available in 4K. Set between New York and the opulent side the Rich of Singapore, this pink comedy will make you relive the emotions of “Sex & The City” in salsa orientale. The protagonist, Rachel, was born in New York city to a chinese mother, has a degree in economics and teaches at NYU, while her boyfriend, Nick, is a malaysian and lives with her in Manhattan. On the occasion of the marriage of a childhood friend Nick invites Rachel to Singapore with him, but she is unaware of what awaits them in the homeland, where the boyfriend is the heir of the richest and most powerful family of the island.

From 28 December to 3 January, arrives on the Infinity Premiere “Ocean's 8”, also available in 4K, the sequel that is refreshingly different from the trilogy, captained by George Clooney and Brad Pitt and was elected as queen of the spin-off Sandra Bullock in the role of the sister of Danny Ocean (Clooney). After ending up in prison for fraud and was caught by her boyfriend, Debbie decides to take revenge plotting a coup all-female. In the cast, along with the Bullock, a slew of superstar Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Mindy Kaling, Rihanna and Awkwafina.

“Suicide Squad” arrives on the Infinity from the December 6 and will also be available in 4K. To captain the team of anti-heroes we find Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and her look has inspired all the cosplayers of the world. Harley, in love madly, the Joker (Jared Leto), he finds himself in the team's most unhinged anti-heroes, including Deadshoot (Will Smith). In the cast of filmdi David Ayer, Joel Kinnaman, Viola Davis, You have Courtney, Scott Eastwood, and Cara Delevingne.

“Dunkirk” is a movie event on the second world war, back on Infinity from the 7th of December, also in 4K. Set in the French city that gave asylum to the british army, fleeing from the nazi army, the film is divided between three temporal planes and the physical: from the earth, where the narrative unfolds in the course of a week, to the water, where everything speeds up in a day, up in the air, where the story of the famous rescue is told in a day.

From 15 December on the Infinity comes in “Escape from Reumah Park” with the trio of comedians Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo. On the eve of the Christmas of 2041 Aldo Baglio is brought by the children in a rest home by the name which gives the title of the film. There he meets John, and James, the old companions of the acting and the set and on the memory of the good old times, the three decide to engineer an escape from the rest home.

From the 21st of December and will be available on Infinity “Mary Magdalene”. The film starring Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix, the couple in life, who, in the film interpret Jesus and Mary Magdalene, telling the story with a fresh approach and modern stories from all over the world.

And to round off the year, arrives on the Infinity on the 31st of December “Barrel by Prof” starring Christina Hendricks, Ice Cube and Charlie Day. Despite the temper mild, the prof. Campbell tries to do its best to maintain the stability of the conflictual situation of the last day of school, but ends up being involved in a brawl which degenerates... for the better (for school!)

With regard to the catalogue of Tv Series, instead, the rich offer of securities to the front of the Arrowverse. Each season is added to those already present in the catalogue, providing the audience with the boxes full of every single series.

From the 1st of December arrives, the sixth season of “Arrow,” where Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow of Starling City, will have to split in three, covering not only the role of a hero, but also of those of the mayor of the city, and the father of the family. The team of superheroes to help him in this difficult mission will have to contend against the Black Siren, believed dead and more alive than ever.

“Supergirl 3” arrives on the Infinity from the 3rd of December, tells of the exploits of Kara Zor-El, escaped from the planet Krypton, now in destruction. In addition to its famous cousin (a certain Superman...), Kara, will have to face this season with his alien side that will take the upper hand over the human, making her focus on her tasks of a superhero.

The third season of “Dc's Legends Of Tomorrow” will be available from 4 December on Infinity. After having upset the timeline that we know of, the team of superheroes must rearrange the pieces of the story before time collapses and destroys everything.

Not a superhero, but a great hero, the one told in “Young Sheldon”. On the 31st of December arrives on the Infinity box set to complete the first season that shows the exploits of a young Dr. Sheldon, the protagonist of “The Big Bang Theory”. In each episode we find out something more of the boy genius destined to make great things as an adult.

And if that was not enough, available from 2 December, with an episode a week the second season of “Marlon,” which tells of the difficulties of being a parent to our days. From 5 December, always with an episode a week, it will be also the second season of “Claws” that will be five beauticians protagonists struggling with the local criminal underworld of Florida. From 8 December on the Infinity also comes the third season of “Wrecked”, which tells of the misadventures of a group of survivors of a plane crash who is forced to start from scratch on a remote island on the edge of the world.

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