Infinity: the outputs of August 2019 with “Batman: Hush”,


Published on Jul 24, 2019


Time of vacation but also to visions on demand under the umbrella on Infinity. For Infinity Premiere inspired by a theatre play by Stefano Massini, The First Stone will be available from 2 to 8 August, starring Kasia Smutniak, Corrado Guzzanti, Lucia Mascino and Valerio Aprea. During a normal day of school just before the Christmas holidays, a child muslim throws a stone breaking a window and injuring slightly the janitor, giving life to a debate full of twists and unexpected reactions. An ensemble comedy that will reflect on themes important and very timely, such as racism and integration.

From the 9th to the 15th of August, instead, the return on Infinity Premiere Beware of the Gorilla, directed by Luca Miniero with Frank Matano, and Cristiana Capotondi. How would you feel if suddenly you ritrovaste to share the house with a gorilla? Knows Lorenzo, a lawyer failed, and to recover the esteem of his family won a lawsuit with the city zoo and must take the primate home. The film is a reflection irreverent and hilarious on the family the world's craziest, as seen from the eyes of a gorilla, wise and funny.

Cross and Delight will arrive on Infinity Premiere from 16 to 22 August. With Alessandro Gassman, Jasmine Trinca and Fabrizio Bentivoglio, the film tells the story of two families, totally different, who find themselves spending the summer holidays together. The reason for this is that unexpected announcement of the chief of the fathers, that scardinerà the balance of the two families, but especially those of their respective first-born.

Back on Infinity Premiere from the 23rd to the 29th of August also Aquaman movie starring Jason Momoa, along with Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, and William Dafoe, who tells the origins of the superhero of DC Comics. Aquaman has been a huge success all over the world, becoming the most successful of DC's Extended Universe. An adventure into the underwater world of the seven seas that will make you hold your breath.

The LEGO Movie 2 – A New Adventure will come back to Infinity Premiere from 30 August to 5 September. The film, also available in 4K, brings together the heroes of Bricksburg in a new adventure to save their beloved city. For all lovers of the famous bricks, not just the little ones!

For customers in possession of a TV-enabled 4K, two big news: the Shazam! and Batman: Hush.

Shazam! is coming from 1st August in 4K: the fourteen-year-old Billy Batson just say the word SHAZAM! to transform into an adult version and muscled himself: the superhero Shazam. Being still a kid, Shazam likes to test his powers but will have to soon learn to control them to fight the forces of evil. The name Shazam is an acronym of the initials of some of the heroes and immortals of Ancient Greece, from which the superhero inherits the characteristics: the wisdom of Solomon, strength of Hercules, stamina of Atlas, power of Zeus, courage of Achilles and speed of Mercury.

Batman: Hush, however, will be available in 4K exclusively on the Infinity from August 20, after being presented at the Giffoni Film Festival on July 26. This new animated film, adapted from the comic of Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee, will see the Dark Knight haunted by an invisible enemy, a manipulator who's always two moves ahead.

For the catalog Movie starring Zac Efron and Robert De Niro, Grandfather unleashed will be available on Infinity from 13 August. Jason is a young lawyer next to the wedding who decides to accompany us on a trip to California, where his grandfather Dick, who wants to enjoy the holiday in the wildest of his life. So begins an adventure that is unleashed between the parties, fights from the bar, and an epic night of karaoke, during which the two find that they can learn a lot from each other and create a bond never had before.

xXx The return of Xander Cage will arrive on Infinity from 17 August. The film is the third installment of the series starring Vin Diesel in the role of Xander Cage, believed long dead, returns from his voluntary exile, to help the CIA to capture Xiang and retrieve the “Pandora's box”, a powerful weapon capable of controlling the satellites, causing them to precipitate as if they were missiles.

From the 20th of August, will be available on Infinity Barriers, directed by and starring Denzel Washington. The film adaptation of the play by August Wilson Fences, the Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1988, the film follows the story of a father who must fight against the racial discrimination in order to defend her family and protect her children. In the cast of the film also Viola Davis, who has received the Oscar Award and the Golden Globe award as Best supporting actress.

Based on the eponymous novel by Rosalie Ham, The Dressmaker – The devil is back will arrive in the catalog of the Infinity from the 29th of August. Interpreted by Oscar winner Kate Winslet, Myrtle “Tilly” Dunnage returns in Australia, in his native village christmas who years before was in league against her for her. Become a stylist well established, the girl has all the intention to adjust some old account suspended...

For the catalog Tv Series from the 1st of August, will be available on Infinity is the second full season of Marlon, the sitcom loosely inspired by the life of the star Marlon Wayans that puts you at the center of the narrative a father so loving as immature, but always devoted to her two sons who looks after together with his ex-wife.

Coming In the August 16, also the box full of Krypton. The series, based on the comic and the characters of DC Comics, is set on Krypton 200 years before the birth of Kal-El/Superman and the destruction of the planet.

The third and final season full of Shades of Blue come on the Infinity on August 21. The series starring Jennifer Lopez in the shoes of a detective in the corrupt police of New York city forced to partner with the team of anti-corruption of the FBI after being discovered.

From the 23rd of August, will be available on Infinity's also the third season is full of Animal Kingdom. Based on the eponymous australian film of 2010, the series follows the life of a young seventeen-year-old who, after the death of his mother, goes to live with Cody, a family by the excessive lifestyle devoted to criminal activity, led by matriarch Smurf.

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