Infinity presents “Guess the movie”, the interactive game on the movie


Published on Nov 29, 2018


It's called “Guess the movie” and it is the most recent found of Infinity, the streaming service and download of Mediaset.

A room interactive, fully navigable to the dedicated link Do you want to test your knowledge about cinema? Play online and try to locate all the clues in the room who will suggest the best movies to see, all available on the catalog of Infinity.

Infinity moves also the outdoor and the large catalogue will be at the centre of a special activity: a poster interactive in Corso Garibaldi in Milan from the 30th of November. Always created by Grey with the planning of Urban Vision, the activity will interact with and play with the passers-by that they will discover the many playlists of movies that Infinity suggests

“Infinity. The cinema first of all”, is repeated from the new tv spot that tells the story of a man who returns to his small bedroom to his parents ' home and finds all the memories of his childhood. The room is, in fact, is at the center of the game that the spot, just to reiterate a fundamental connection that binds the viewer to the world of the seventh art. In the film, with echoes of memories and experiences, dreams and hopes that accompany us from childhood. A magical atmosphere and suspended, able to be recalled for the big screen, who then shares with the son, through the vision of his favorite movies on Infinity.

The spot, directed by Santiago Zannou, director of the Spanish award-winning, and produced by Think Cattleya, you can see it below.

We expect at this point in the game dedicated to the tv series.

Infinity presents “Guess the movie”, the interactive game on the film is




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