Infinity: all the outputs of September 2018


Published on Aug 20, 2018


It starts great with the new fall season on Infinity, the streaming service Mediaset. For the Catalog Cinema from the 21st to the 27th of September arrives on the Infinity Premiere Ready Player One, the last film of Steven Spielberg that pays homage to cinema and pop culture, in particular the years ’80 and ’90. The title refers to the classic screen of the games: “Ready, player one” and is based on the homonymous novel by Ernest Cline, the protagonist, Parzival, digital avatar of Wade Watts in the platform of OASIS, a virtual paradise in a future dystopian not far from our.

The Snow man, based on the homonymous novel by Jo Nesbø come on the Infinity on the 7th of September. The protagonist of the movie, Michael Fassbender in the role of a cop of the murders, famous for solving cases impossible, receiving a message from a fearsome serial killer, “the snow man”, and challenges him to a duel.

From 17 September to enter the programming on Infinity Conspiracy – The conspiracy, a thriller starring Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins in a movie where the truths are veiled and difficult to understand. Well – played by Josh Duhamel a talented lawyer who will find himself entangled in an intrigue of power between the magnate pharmaceutical Arthur Denning (Hopkins) and his opponent Charles Abrams, played by Al Pacino.

From the 23rd of September will be available Trolls the fun animated movie starring the famous troll from flowing hair. The film was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe and tells of the adventures of these small creatures who live in a constant state of happiness that is disturbed by Bergen, enormous creatures, convinced that they could achieve that state of joy just feeding the Trolls.

Fast and Furious 8 will be available in the catalogue of Infinity from September 24. The eighth chapter of the famous and successful saga starring Vin Diesel in the role of Dominic Toretto. Honeymoon to Cuba to visit the Dom will be Cipher (Charlize Theron), that will force Toretto to rebel against the only thing that keeps the family.

From the 29th of September and will be available on Infinity the Indivisible, the film by Edoardo De Angelis which won 6 David di Donatello awards and was presented at the Venice film festival and the Toronto International Film Festival. The film has as protagonist the twins Angela and Marianna Fontana, who play the two sisters, siamese twins who work as singers, exploited by their own family.

For the Catalog Tv Series get the box set of the second season of Wrecked, from September 3rd to Infinity, going to add the first season is already available. After a plane crash a group of survivors she finds herself living on a deserted island, starting from zero and trying to cope with the dangers and threats caused mainly by themselves.

The fourth season of The Flash, will be available on Infinity from September 14, completing out the whole box set of previous seasons. An integral part of the Arrowverse, the series is centered on the life of Barry Allen, the scientist forensic faster in the world.

Available starting September 4, with an episode a week for Deception. After finished his career as a magician because of a scandal, the superstar of the world of illusion, Cameron Black, will collaborate with the FBI, where its tricks will help federal agents in the resolution of crimes.

The Rise will come, with an episode a week on the Infinity, from 8 September. Starring the former star of How I Met Your Mother, Josh Radnor. The head of the family, and professor Lou (Radnor) will take the reins of the department of theatre arts in the high school by the time difficulty.

With an episode a week from 26th September and will be available on Infinity, the fifth season of The 100, tv series, dystopian set in a future shaken by a nuclear war, where a group of a hundred guys survived in the space station the Ark, will need to return to the Earth to verify the conditions of the planet and make it habitable again.

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