Increase the waiting time for replacements of the batteries of the iPhone


Published on Feb 28, 2018


According to new data shared by Barclays, the users who have requested the replacement of the battery on your own iPhone (batteries particularly worn out) will have to wait longer than expected. The average wait time for a new battery rose to 2.7/4.5 weeks, on the basis of a series of controls performed by Mark Moskowitz in some Apple Store. At the beginning of January, the wait was an average of 2.3 weeks.

Some users speak of a short time for replacement, while others said they had waited a few weeks. When you start a practice of replacing the battery, Apple's retail Stores usually have to order the component, then get a new battery is not as simple as making an appointment with the Genius Bar.

Of course, the waiting times depend on the place and the model of the iPhone with the battery worn out. Batteries for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, for example, are more difficult to find than those for the iPhone 7, and for some devices, such as iPhone 6 Plus, the wait may be even months.

As also reported by Barclays, the increase in waiting times suggests that the demand for the replacement of the battery is still very strong, and indicates that an increasing number of iPhone users chose to replace the battery, taking advantage of the discounted price (29€), rather than buy a new model.

Apple has launched at the beginning of the year the discount on the price for replacement of the battery on the iPhone 6 and the later models. The company took this decision after the many criticisms they have received for the function for the energy management which was introduced with iOS 10.2.1. This tool, for those who don't know, reduces the performance of the iPhone with batteries that are particularly worn, to avoid unexpected crashes and restarts. The whole thing was done without the knowledge of the users, and it is for this reason that the formation of the critical and the class-action lawsuit against the giant tech.

In addition to the discount on the price, Apple has introduced a new feature in iOS 11.3, which allows users to view the status of the health of the battery and disable the power management.

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