In the study of Tommy Lee Edwards


Published on Dec 15, 2019


Wacom, the well-known brand of professional graphic tablet, takes us inside the studio of Tommy Lee Edwards for an exclusive journey into the creative process of the artist.

Edwards has worked on Hellboy, Wolverine, X-Men, Batman, Superman and many other IP.

His best-known work is certainly Marvel 1985, Mark Millar, while he has recently designed Mother Panic Gotham A. D. for the label DC's Young Animal's Gerard Way.

In addition to working as a draftsman and illustrator, Edwards is a well-known concept and style artist for Hollywood, having participated in the processing of such films as Superman Returns, Man in Black II and Batman Begins.

Here is the second and the third part of the mini-documentary:

A look, unusual in the life of one of the designers more appreciated and sought after on the planet that shows us with simplicity not only to her art but as a personal and often lonely his job is aspect that is often underestimated or ignored.

In the study of Tommy Lee Edwards is




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