In the Morning, 5 Paolo Brosio against all: it flares up the controversy on the sex scandals in the church world


Published on Oct 31, 2019


Bet really formally announce that the Morning 5 broadcast on the 31st of October 2019 dedicated in its last part to the scandals in the world of the church. To defend the positions of the priests who behave in the correct manner and carry out an excellent job, there is Paolo Brosio that he has not ceased to emphasize that it is right to charge those who are wrong. He also said that the priests who meddle in matters of sexuality or pedophilia should pay for the crimes committed, should also face jail time if necessary. But, as it happens in all fields, you can do all the grass a bundle. In the studio, turns on the controversy and Paolo Brosio and Sabrina Scampini, guest today of Morning 5, they have a very emotional discussion.

“Why don't we also speak of all the priests, the monks, the friars who make a bouquet as well and they are of the saints?” said Brosio very down since this topic touches close. The Scampini he then replied: “Then we can speak of the mafia and organized crime since there are so many other good people,” noting that Paul Brosio would not leave to the other people present in the studio the chance to have their say.

At this point, however, Paul Brosio has moved the discussion to another level by starting to ask the Scampini how long does not go in the church and how long is it since you confessed... “can You confess? You go to communion? Whatever it is that you will not confess? Tell me what it is? And then not point the finger, that touch and rub, then, of the Church? Make a path of faith before you speak,” said Paul. But the Scampini is there and says that even if he would not go to church, you may still be interested and discuss these issues.


The controversy ignites again when Carmelo Abbate says: “I Hope for Sabrina, who do not go to confession since it is the central moment of these things, the priest does not have the emotional strength to handle the confession.”

And at present, he continued: “Caz*ate! As it is not able to confess? You have lost your head! If there is something rotten let's face it, but where there are Saints, let's face it”. The gloss comes from Cecchi Paone: “You became a Saint after having made things worse!”.

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