In the Manga, the outputs of the September 26, 2019


Published on Sep 22, 2019


Love, Let 11
Io Sakisaka
€ 4,90
The former of Akari is back on the attack, and asked the protagonist getting back together. What will the protagonist? He chooses to or will continue to love in silence Kazuomi? And the latter will leave the blow from under the nose of the girl?

Gunslinger Girl 2
Yu Aida
€ 7,00
How did this project start counter-terrorism of the public Institution for social welfare, aiming to transform young girls injured in the deadly killer? What hides in the psyche of the young protagonists and what guilt nourish the instructors to whom they owe blind obedience?

The Promise of the Rose 5
of Kaho Miyasaka
€ 4,90
Humiliated during the evening of the dance, and with the prospect unattractive to see Retsu in the arms of another, Iroha is not willing to give up without a fight. And the solution that he has in mind to remove the hook is amazing...

The New Adventures of Naruto – The Day Parents and Children
of Masashi Kishimoto, Mirei Miyamoto
€ 12,90
The Leaf Village was established a new holiday: the Day parents and children. Naruto, to please the daughter, is tossed up and down for the whole Village. The same happens to Hinata, who travels to satisfy Boruto. And also Sasuke strives to be happy, Sarada and Sakura...

The Situations for Him & for Her 20
by Masami Tsuda
€ 5,50
The complicated relationship between Arima and his father finally starts to be more tranquil. But now the time has come to Yukino: when will drop the bomb... “I'm pregnant”? And how will they react Arima and the others?

Maid-Sama! Marriage
Hiro Fujiwara
€ 4,50
There is a lot more than you can imagine in this exciting collection of episodes set before and after the fateful marriage. With a gem — occurrence of the exception of the protagonists, Yuki will go to hell? — and a great shot of the scene...

Bones – Stand by me, my dear 6
of Yae Utsumi
€ 6,50
His suicide will pose an end to the hell that Shintaro and friends are experiencing? But if not, who is behind the whole plot? Someone starts to make false steps... and the time approaches to close the matter once and for all.

Sister & Vampire 5
of Akatsuki
€ 6,50
In this fifth appointment with the sensual manga signed by Akatsuki, in the heart of a forest that hides a fascinating secret Erna will undergo new temptations and will encounter new dangers.

I love you, but the facts, kill 5
of Majuro Kaname, Sousou Sakakibara
€ 4,50
Two mysterious organizations are vying for control over the infected: the Rudiment, of which they are part of Naive and Kamishiro, and the C. I. D., with the henchmen from the look killer. But what they really want by one of the infected? Meanwhile, Kamishiro is desperately in search of Hanazono.


Black Butler – The butler and the diabolical 3
€ 4,90

Blue Exorcist 17
€ 4,90

Death Note Black Edition 2
€ 18,00

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