In the Manga, the outputs of the October 10, 2019


Published on Oct 06, 2019


Slam Dunk 2
of Takehiko Inoue
€ 7,00
The road to becoming a hero of the parquet floor is uphill and, before playing, you need to learn the fundamentals. Training on the basics are always the most boring and Due is at the limit of endurance. Just what someone hoped...

Trinity Seven: The Academy of the Seven Witches 20
of Chiho Saitou, Akinari Nao
€ 5,50
To strokes of the magic Arata holds the head to the demons that stand in front of it. But this time a spell is particularly insidious fail to put it in the trap and shake the ground beneath his feet: the reality seems to take a strange turn and the world no longer seems to be the one who knew... fortunately, the Trinity Seven are always ready to get in on the action!

Sky Violation 20
of Tsuina Miura and Takahiro Oba
€ 4,90
The skill of Rika are put to the test by the disruptive power of Juo, convinced that force is the only key to get the power in the world of skyscrapers. The clash between the two became closer and closer, but the administrator is not going to let it run the numerous violations that are upsetting the balance of the “domain”.

Domestic Girlfriend 12
Kei Sasuga
€ 5,50
Between feelings hidden and loves in conflict, rivalry, by now, obvious and passionate ventures, the clumsy abductions and escapes suddenly, Natsuo, The, Rui, Miu and Momo will be able to enjoy the latest cultural festival of their lives from high school? More and more intriguing, the manga of Kei Sasuga alternates moments of tenderness at the spicy moments of sensuality.

Ultramarines Magmell 3
of Nianmiao
€ 4,90
Inside of the mysterious cocoon appeared in the heart of the islands Coosk, You-in if the must see with indigenous artists from the nucleus of Magmell. Will save Emilia Chester and explorers sent out by the Kyokusei to retrieve the employees in trouble?

One-Punch Man 18
ONE, Yusuke Murata
€ 4,90
Garo has a day of time to kill, a hero, a necessary condition to enter in the Association, and Beings Mysterious. But luck is not on his side because he ends up running in Saitama, and in the boy that time is on its way!

Ghost Inn – The inn of Yuna 12
of Tadahiro Miura
€ 4,50
Kogarashi is seriously injured... and if the dragon god Genshiro will give him the coup de grace, the girls of the inn Yuragi will be forced to become the concubines of the slimy lord of the Lake! Fortunately, at the side of the high school student stood up for Oboro... even if this means rebelling against the lord!

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 8
of Ukyo Kodachi, Mikio Ikemoto
€ 4,90
Kawaki, the so-called container, hunted by the Shell, it is hosted by Naruto to his house in the Village of the Leaf. For the boy, sullen and suspicious, because traumatized by a tragic childhood, it will be tough to get used to normal.

The Princess Corpse 23
of Yoshiichi Akahito
€ 4,90
The final act of the manga of Yoshiichi Akahito! A fate stained of the blood decreases inexorable about the protagonists of the clash that will decide the fate of humanity, but who is going to hit? The surprising fate of the princess corpse Makina, as the Original and of the whole world in a catharsis, no-holds-barred... the divine and human!

The Courtyards of the Heart Deluxe 3
Ai Yazawa
€ 12,90
The mother of Mikako seems to reconnect after years to her husband, a famous photographer from whom she had divorced. However, the lady Koda, mangaka of success, can be even more capricious and uncertain of the daughter's teen. With her, nothing can be taken for granted!

Fruits Basket 19
of Natsuki Takaya
€ 5,90
While approaching inexorably to the day when Kyo will be locked up for ever, the girl is forced to deal with the anxieties of the past. This may in some way affect his relationship with Kyo?

Kengan Ashura 3
of Yabako Sandrovich, Daromeon
€ 7,00
The match between Ohma Tokita and Jun Sekibayashi has now become a duel to the death. If the Demonic Angel seems to be insensitive to the blows unleashed by the young opponent, the wrestler hired by the group Nogi can count on a new, monstrous momentum. Who will win?

The Saga of Tanya the Evil 12
Carlo Zen, Chika Tojo
€ 6,50
Of the new recruits come to the front of the Rhine to join in the 203 battalion of mages aircraft. To Tanya is entrusted with the task of transforming the young and unprepared soldiers to the elements that may be useful in the war against the Republic, François. To do this you must first make sure that they are not wiped out while fighting in the front line!


Art 1
1st Reprint
€ 5,50

A step from you – Ao Haru Ride 5
2nd Reprint
€ 4,90

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