In the Manga, the outputs of the 29 August 2019


Published on Aug 24, 2019


Arpeggio of Blue Steel 16
€ 7,00
In Yokosuka, Takao, Haruna and Kirishima are forced by supercorazzata Yamato to relive the memories of the crew of the Blue Steel, while off the coast of Japan Iona tries to accomplish the plan of Gunzo Chihaya...

Gleipnir 5
€ 6,50
Shuichi and Claire, accompanied by their team, venturing into the depths of the mountain in search of the mysterious coins arrive from space and can give a huge power. There they encounter a rival team extremely aggressive...

Gunslinger Girl 1 15
€ 7,00
An agency of the Italian secret transforms young girls with disabilities in the ruthless cyborg, purposes do and counter-terrorism. After having developed an unshakable fidelity to the structure that has manipulated, what would be left of the human in the very young protagonists?

The Knights of the Zodiac Episode G Assassin 26
€ 4,50
Forced to face his revived master, Hyoga is overwhelmed by his strength in the afterworld. From beyond the grave come to give himself a friend of the child.

Bones – Stand by me, my dear 5 of 7
€ 6,50
The tortuous investigations of Shintaro Ryu, Haruka and Tsubaki are going to uncover an unspeakable secret. The four boys will be ready to accept the truth and its consequences? What is certain, is that grudges for too long, guests will return to the surface...

Otaku Teacher 15
€ 6,00
Concluded the battle between the war team of the institute Hiiragi, Junichiro hoped to be able to devote to his blog. But from the past comes a new threat: the mysterious Nayuta has involved the professor, the most otaku of Japan in a deathmatch!

Sister & Vampire 4
€ 6,50
The desire of Erna came true, but she intends to send him into shattered. The fourth volume of the sinful manga of Akatsuki is consumed between fear and pleasure, reason and instinct, showing that the conception of the love of a human being is not that of a vampire.

Blood on the tracks 2
€ 7,00
Shuzo Oshimi is not afraid to explore the meanders of the human soul in a thriller full of unknowns, which leads us to the heart of the instincts, more visceral. She is the perfect mother. So why, then, has made a similar gesture? Seiichi refuses to accept it.

Vampire Knight Memories 4
€ 7,00
While in the shadow of a king, the mysterious continues to weave an intrigue of hatred and death, an event occurs that will forever change the life of Yuki and Zero... With a stretch full of gentle sensuality, Matsuri Hino continues to reveal secrets never told in the world of Vampire Knight.


Berserk – The dragon knight of fire
€ 13,00
Written by Makoto Fukami, coordinator of the script of the new animated series on the Black Warrior, and illustrated by the manga author, the great Kentaro Miura, a novel that narrates the origins of Gurnbeld, a knight in the service of Grifis. Between duels to the death and disturbing murders, here is the birth of the Knight of the Dragon Fire!

Blue Exorcist 2
3rd reissue, € 4,90
Rin wants to become an exorcist. After having discovered that in his veins flows the blood of Satan, intends to use the power of his hand, for evil to fight the lord of darkness and revenge so the death of one of the people that were dear to us. In the place where he started his training in the years to come many trials. You will find good friends, but also potential enemies. Because being the son of Satan makes it the target of a lot of attention... not all benevolent!

Death Note – Another Note
4th reprint, € 18,00
Red alert for Los Angeles, is devastated by the murders of a serial killer. The only trace that it offers to the investigations is a series of arcane clues left at the scene of the crime, each of which is an enigmatic journey that will lead to the next crime. On the invitation of the local authorities, the mysterious super-detective L makes its appearance in the scene. In spite of his extravagant habits (no one knows his true appearance) is considered to be the best detective in the world and was several times decorated for his exploits: in his career, there is no case that I have not been able to resolve. But this time can't do it alone. With the help of the agent, Naomi Misora, L starts snooping around the City of Angels, and soon realizes that the alleged homicidal madness is the game of a psychopath who intends to engage in a battle of the brains. Now it's up to Misora to conduct the survey of maneuvering between the bodies of the slain, and the brilliant minds of the two rivals.

Death Note – L change the World
3rd reissue, € 18,00
The adaptation into a novel of the third film of Death Note “L Change the WorLd”! Based on the true story of L, this novel revolves around his last 23 days of life and gives us a glimpse of his mysterious character. And not only that, because this novel also makes clear the decision that L made at the end of the second film – “The Last Name -. “L” will be able to change? Or will the world change? But, above all, who will save the world? The novel includes many events in the film are not narrated! And more mysterious still, L is the writer, the elusive “M”. Final touch, the cover is a new original design of Takeshi Obata!

The flowers of evil 3
1st reissue, € 7,00
Imagine you have done something that you were embarrassed deeply, and that all are to come to the knowledge of the terrible sin that you have committed. Kasuga feels already in the ears the cries of contempt of his classmates, when they will meet.

Monster Deluxe 2
4th reprint, € 13,90
By the genius Naoki Urasawa, author of Pluto, 20th Century Boys and Happy!, a masterpiece presented in a deluxe edition, in large format, with color pages and tables redesigned. The doctor Kenzo Tenma is searching for Johan, the boy that saved her life and that she is now guilty of many murders. Also, the Nina, the twin sister of Johan, he is looking for. But because Johan does all of this? What is his true identity? How did the “monster” inside of him? Many are looking for a leader, a charismatic man... and Johan has special features that make the gorge a group of political, financial, military...

Neon Genesis Evangelion 10
1st reissue, € 4,90
It continues the drama of Shinji!

Origin 1
1st reissue, € 4,90
The style of the great Boichi, creator of Sun-Ken Rock, in an incredible SCI-FI series! The year 2048, Tokyo: a series of shocking murders shakes the city. It seems that the makers of violent crimes are beings non-human. Investigating to find out if this is true, this is really a “non-human”. His name is Origin.

Soul Eater 16
2nd reprint, € 4,90
A new phase begins for SOUL EATER! Lady Arachne has been defeated, but the teachers and the students of the DWMA may not celebrate the victory. Kid has been kidnapped by the mysterious Noah, and the Medusa has returned to be more powerful and dangerous than ever... Two real threats that Maka and the others will have to deal with it immediately!

Soul Eater 21
1st reissue, € 4,90
While Maka is more determined than ever to find Crona and to do a last, desperate attempt to save him, Lord Shinigami receives a piece of information long waiting that will change the balance of the war against the Kishin!

Vagabond Deluxe 4
2nd reprint, € 7,00
Takezo Shinmen, aka Musashi Miyamoto, will lead us once again in feudal Japan, between katane and challenges to the last drop of blood. In the course of his journey Miyamoto will meet someone who is able to convey to him important lessons, while Toji Ghion, who consider him responsible for the fire dojo Yoshioka, will begin to hunt him down




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