In the Manga, the outputs of the 19 September 2019


Published on Sep 15, 2019


Beastars 7
of Paru Itagaki
€ 6,50
The tension between carnivores and herbivores is becoming more and more palpable, especially in the drama club. Who killed the alpaca Tem? The answer is concealed a truth from the hazardous implications, so much so that someone has his eyes set on Legoshi...

Darwin's Game 15
€ 4,90
Something strange is happening in the village offline. Between the mountains, where the signal connection does not happen and the Darwin's Game is the bandit, Rain and the others are attacked by a mysterious man who seems to put them in check. Ec will be able to get away without Kaname? The Ravens are in danger!

Dolly Kill Kill 10 of 11
to Yukiaki Kurando, Yusuke Nomura
€ 5,50
The earth under the feet tottering, and the forces are less. The Trial & Error and the students of the Teacher face Sekka Kamuragi, whose ghost is one of the strongest ever encountered, able to annihilate anyone who stands in front of it. But there is still hope... maybe.

Game – Games of Seduction 4
Mai Nishikata
€ 6,50
In a game of seduction that is based only on the pleasure, sooner or later, the rules begin to be narrow. Sayo you are asking many doubts. What the test really Kiriyama for you? The man's look remains cold, but his caresses, as always, the inflamed.

Gideon of the 3rd – the Story of a Revolutionary 7 of 8
Taro Nogizaka
€ 4,90
The sovereign is ready to bow your head in front of the people with a loud voice, he invokes the bread and freedom, and even the queen is willing to do the same. But now the rebellion of the children is going to overwhelm the fathers, and nothing can stop the revolution.

Nana & Kaoru 15 of 18
of Ryuta Amazume
€ 5,50
Tachi collects the fruits of his first time in a role very exciting, while for a given couple, the time comes for you to make new experiences and irresistibly sexy...

Nana – Reloaded Edition 5
Ai Yazawa
€ 6,50
The concert of Trapnest proves to be a unique experience for the two protagonists, and this will have an impact on the fate of the Blast, the new band, Nana Osaki. By the great Ai Yazawa (The courtyards of the heart, Paradise Kiss), one of the most influential works of the decade.

Sister Devil Storm 5 out of 5
of Tetsuto Uesu, Nekosuke Okuma
€ 6,50
My, Mary, and Zest will continue to live with Basara, Yuki and Kurumi, even after the bloody war in the Demon World? What will be the fate of the “little sisters” the most sinful of the rising sun? Let's find out in the latest issue of the exciting mini linked to the cult Sister the Devil.

Yoku-Oni – Want Evil 8 of 9
of Mitabi Irohara
€ 6,00
The pieces of the evil puzzle begin to go to their place and the image that is to be composed increasingly assumes the contours of an apocalypse. Meanwhile, down in the field one yoku-oni, whose power puts a serious threat to the management Unit...

Zebra 19
of Fumio Obata
€ 7,00
For Dragon has come the moment of truth, and to reckon with its past. The nightmares of her childhood returned to haunt him in adulthood. Maybe finish at the head of the Bins was not a coincidence, but fate.


Berserk Collection Serie Nera 3
Kentaro Miura
€ 5,50
In a frenzy of violence and terror is the end of the inhuman battle between Guts and the Count. But the surprises do not end here. Even if only for a few moments, in fact, the Black Warrior will find himself face to face with his arch enemy, the prey, the end of his devilish hunting: Grifis!A meeting will be the prelude to the story of the origins of our hero, from his birth to the baptism of fire. A journey into the past signed from the pen of the sublime Kentaro Miura.

Berserk Collection Serie Nera 39
Kentaro Miura
€ 5,50
Continue the adventures of Gatsu, the hero created by Kentaro Miura!

Vagabond Deluxe 35
of Takehiko Inoue
€ 7
What's even more great to be incomparably strong? While seeking the answer to this question, Musashi meets Iori, a boy who has just lost his father...

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