In the Manga, the new edition of Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa


Published on Jan 11, 2019


In the Manga is ready to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the manga Paradise Kiss by Ai “Nana” Yazawa with a new edition of the commemorative that will collect the entire work in a single volume, available from next month of March in the store and on the digital store of the publishing house.

Below the cover of the omnibus, and the text of the ad:

Yukari is going to return! Discover with us the PARADISE KISS, one of the best loved works of Ai Yazawa in a special volume Omnibus, to celebrate the twenty years since the first publication of the japanese!
PARADISE KISS COMPLETE 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION, from March in the store and on our digital store!

Planet Manga was cos’ the work on the occasion of the launch of the previous deluxe edition:

Born from the hands enchanted of Ai Yazawa, one of the authors of the manga, the most popular in the world thanks to the Courtyards Of the Heart and to Nana.
You will encounter the little sister of Mikako Koda, the young punk born from the marriage between Lisa Kanzaki and the rockstar Takeshi, and even the son of Hiroyaki “Toku” Tokumori, the bartender at the Blue Parrot! And the names of our young protagonists are all of a program: Miwako (or “daughter of truth and peace”), Arashi (“storm” or “hurricane”), Hiroyuki (“the one who proceeds with vigor”).
There will be new characters and other familiar faces, such as Seiji Kisaragi, blonde assistant of the mom mangaka of Mikako Koda, who, after having attended a school for hair stylists, has become a... oops, I was running a preview! So, are you ready to sign up once again at the institute Yazawa fashion and design style?

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In the Manga, the new edition of Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa is




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