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Published on Nov 07, 2019


Directly from the official website of Panini Comics, the details of the new Planet Manga announced at the Lucca Comics and Games 2019 (here and here for our coverage) on arrival at the newsstand, and the library in the first half of 2020:

of Inio Asano
An unmissable collection of short stories by the acclaimed author of Goodnight, Punpun and Toxin. An impressive mosaic that tells the story of the existence in the balance between lyricism and surrealism.
(the single volume, concluded, in store and online)

of Inio Asano
A group of heroes fighting against the forces of Darkness. A fantasy author's unexpected and surprising, and signed by the artist, the eclectic and never dull.
(the single volume, concluded, in store and online)

of Shuzo Oshimi
The difficulties of adolescence and the need to be accepted lead to a meeting between a shy boy, completely hairless and a young student with problems of hirsutism.
The award-winning author of The flowers of evil back to enchant with a self-contained story that celebrates friendship and the normality of imperfection, which was made into a successful live-action.
(the single volume, concluded, in store and online)

of Shuzo Oshimi
Yumeko is a student with an obsession: he wants to see live a male body naked. A curiosity obsessive, but without malice or morbidity, which will lead you to discover new horizons of personal and relational.
(the single volume, concluded, in store and online)

of Shuzo Oshimi
Because of a childhood trauma, Noboru is literally terrified by the women shapely, and arrived at the university a virgin, and unable to relate to the other sex. When with the friend Takahashi decides to make his first experience in the brothel “Devil Ecstasy”, she finds herself in the room with the sweet Meruru, from the comforting breast is underdeveloped, which gives you a piece of advice: run away before it is too late!
Between the supernatural and the sensual, a comedy of horror, signed by a great master of manga author.
(4 volumes, completed, in-store and online)

of Shuzo Oshimi
Haru Katsuragi has acquired the ability to separate himself from his body. A power very useful for free roam and invisible, and to peep into the life of his beloved. The encounter with a girl with the same ability will allow you to Katsuragi to find out a lot about himself and those around it.
(2 volumes, completed, in-store and online)

Naoki Urasawa
The new, highly anticipated work of the award-winning author of Monster and 20th Century Boys, engaged in the exciting story of the life of a girl from the postwar period to today, caught between the catastrophic events that devastated Nagoya at the end of the Fifties and the deprivations of poverty.
(2 volumes, ongoing, in-store and online)

Naoki Urasawa
A new unmissable collection of short stories by the master Urasawa, eight small jewels of the author published in the course of the years from 1995 to 2018.
(the single volume, concluded, in store and online)

of Hashigo Sakurabi
For five years, the actor Takato Saijo has dominated the rankings of the sexiest men of the Country, but now the scepter is passed to the young debutant Junta Azumaya. Depressed, Takato commits an imprudence, of which Azumaya intends to take advantage to conquer the dark rival...
Planet Manga is now launching its line of boys’ love, with this overwhelming series so much hot as it is fun, which inspired the eponymous anime successful.
(6 volumes, ongoing, in-store and online)

of Kamome Shirahama
Eniale is an angel. Dewiela a demon. The enemy by nature, have the habit of sticking my nose in the affairs of men. Their goal is to grab as many souls as possible, of course, but how to resist to certain inventions that are earthly, such as the make-up and fashion...?
The glamour and pop of Heaven and Hell in a delightful comedy, urban fantasy, signed by the elegant author of the Atelier of Witch Hat!
(3 volumes, completed, in-store and online)

by Osamu Tezuka (original story), Satoshi Shiki (story and drawings)
A life of sacrifice even before he came to the world in the name of lust for power of a greedy parent. A body torn apart by demons, a scrap abandoned as soon as he saw the light. The way Hyakkimaru is a struggle without truce, to reclaim what has been taken away, a journey of rebirth path in the company of petty thief Dororo.
The saga of the supernatural from the god of manga Osamu Tezuka brought to life in an adrenaline-fueled adaptation signed by Satoshi Shiki, a talented designer de attack of The giant – Before the fall!
(2 volumes, ongoing, in-store and online)

of Tatsuki Fujimoto
Denji is a boy, penniless, covered in debt, that pulls a living killing demons using the fido Pochita, a demonic dog-saw, his only friend. The fate has always been hard with Denji, but now he is going to steal everything. Everything except the loyalty of Pochita, which will offer to its sponsorship of the opportunity to experience a new cutting edge life.
By the author of the Fire Punch, the new phenomenon that has inflamed the pages of Shonen Jump, mad, lethal and bombastic as the sharpest of blades rotating!
(4 volumes, ongoing, on newsstands and comic book store)

with the best of the art of the teacher Shiori Teshirogi!

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