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Published on Mar 09, 2019


The Testament of Sister New Devil Storm!
of Tetsuto Uesu and Fumihiro Kiso
5 volumes concluded

Seraph of the End – Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen
of Takaya Yagami and You Asami
4 volumes in progress

to Yana Toboso
A single Volume

Magmell of the Sea Blue
of Dainenbyou
6 volumes in progress

Nana Reloaded Edition
Ai Yazawa
21 volumes, paused
“Nana” in japanese means “seven”. A lucky number. Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu, however, luck will have to costruirsela from the sun and, to do that, you will need to escape the enticements of the province of the japanese... New edition with translations revised and the effects of metal on the cover, Nana, the masterpiece of Ai Yazawa.

Black Clover 1 Discovery Edition
Yuki Tabata

Black Lagoon 11
Rei Hiroe

Planetes Deluxe
Makoto Yukimura
The single Volume hardcover
Follow the adventures of Hachimaki and the team that works to collect the debris in orbit around the Earth! The epic story of man in space, the desire for revenge, the thirst of adventures, the blindness of governments and the insanity of the terrorists are just some of the themes of this series.

The new program of reissues that includes:

Aku no Hana – The Flowers of Evil
of Shuzo Oshimi

Vagabond Deluxe
of Takehiko Inoue

High School DXD
of Ichiei Ishibumi, Miyama-Zero and Hiroji Mishima

of Tite Kubo

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