In the Italian Stories the tears of Stefano Oradei to the end of her story, with Veera


Published on Sep 10, 2019


In the episode of Stories of the Italian Stefano Oradei has told you what has happened in the last few months, talking about the end of her story, with Veera Kinnunen. Sin, however, in this interview, the dancer has not added many details to what we already know. Stefano is deeply moved and, in tears, has reviewed the most beautiful images of this love story. He said that it was difficult to go on after 11 years of relationship but now she is focusing on her career. “I can say that for the two of us have been 11 wonderful years and now I want to talk about another,” said the dancer.

The Daniel, however, wants to go deeper in this story and explains that perhaps the public has not understood that that was the dynamic that led to their separation. This is aired a movie that shows us a summary of what happened on Dancing with the stars, with the rapprochement between Veera and Osvaldo that he provoked the jealousy of Stephen, and also the violent reaction which does not is forgiven him, and that maybe his former partner has not forgiven...The presenter stressed that the feeling in the track exists and may not cause jealousies. “Our story is over before, then she has made her choice. I do not know what has decided Veera,” says Stefano, which, however, does not go to the bottom of this story despite the presenter trying to understand better the dynamics.

The presenter also shows the photos published in the newspapers, and asks for clarification on what appeared to be a quarrel. “At the end of the episode there was a lot of fatigue, there was a weakness, and a discussion between two people who are together. Floor plan and then I realized that Veera was walking away from me. These, however, are private things that we then clarified,” explained the master of Dancing.

Stefano insists that he apologized publicly because he understood that he and Veera had a pair public. The presenter tries to ask him several times what it apologised. “I apologized to the discussion, it was something that was not intended to happen. Then we continued,” said the dancer.

Stefano, however, it is similar to and continues to hide behind the private, explaining that he prefers to keep a lot of things for him. “We have not found the solution,” continues Oradei.

No one in the bet he made reference to the words of Milly Carlucci, who had spoken of the violence of Stefano against Veera, that's a shame because it would have been an issue for consideration. Alessi wanted to emphasize that Veera should not go as the traitor because it was, and on this, Stefano seems to be in agreement 100%.

Thinking of the future, Stefano seems to be not at the moment interested in a relationship. “The heart is closed because you can not give your heart to people if you have known a love so important and strong, you have to first understand if your heart is ready,” said Stefano, in this moment, try if the same.

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