In the Italian Stories the problems live with Paul Brosio: the cat begins to bleed


Published on Nov 21, 2018


In the episode of the Italian Stories broadcast on the 21st of November 2018 we speak of miracles, statues that weep blood. Two factions and, of course, Paolo Brosio, in connection from her house to support one of the two parts. Brosio is in the company of his mother, with whom chatting lovingly. In the studio, Eleonora Daniele and his guests. But at a certain point, something happens that no one expects: the shirt of Paolo Brosio begins to stain blood and at home do not understand what is happening. It seems that the writer felt bad, but Daniel immediately explains what is happening: is the cat of Paul that are not heard well, maybe he had a hemorrhage. The Daniel then asks to disconnect the live connection while the audience at home will continue to see the poor Brosio covered in blood. Then asks for information: “I Imagine that you will be calling the vet and then let us know what is going on we care about animals and the kitten.” The presenter has quickly reassured everyone by saying that the cat had resumed, and that would have been in the immediate care of the case.

As you can imagine, however, this situation has generated a wave of laughter on social, certainly not for the fate of the kitten, which was better, but for the fact that it has started to bleed while in the study faced certain topics.

Poor cat had climbed into the arm to make him understand that he was evil #storieitaliane

— ℛita (@Ritassl) 21 November 2018

#storieitaliane bleeds the most the cat #brosio that the madonna!

— sHiNgO (@sHiNgO5791) 21 November 2018

That is, they speak of madonnas that weep blood #storieitaliane and the cat Brosio puts you suddenly to bleed HELP the poor cat

— Geena The Mon🎈 (@GeenaLeMon) 21 November 2018

Speaking of Madonnas that weep or bleed, and the cat #Brosio starts to bleed bad suddenly.

I'm starting to believe that too, but thanks to the cat Brosio...#StorieItaliane

— Matte051 (@matte051) 21 November 2018

“Never such a thing happened, we brought the cat to the veterinarian, I'm a bit shocked. He is always alone under today I have told to it to bring it here, it is an amazing coincidence,” the words of Brosio. In the studio, someone is in the irony, talking about miracle. At present, there is: “Not manipulated my words”.

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