In the Italian Stories the first previews of the interview Fanpage to Pamela Perricciolo


Published on May 30, 2019


In just a few hours on the Fanpage,it will be published a very long interview with Pamela Perricciolo. It is a long chat that should take no longer than 4 hours. In the episode of the Italian Stories in the air today, Stefania Rocco , journalist, Fanpage, anticipated something about to the interview that the Perricciolo has decided to release, telling everything that they know about the history of Pamela Prati, and telling then the whole truth.

In the episode of the Italian Stories of today, so we also listened to some of the statements made by the lawyer of the Perricciolo that explains the reasons for his assisted has decided to speak.

“He admits his responsibilities without limitation to the case of the meadows admits without asking for any compensation and especially without having limits dictated by the desire to accuse the other. We know that there are complaints that, however, we do not have bed, now you must protect the Perricciolo from any accusations that we will see in the appropriate ” these are the words of the lawyer of Pamela Perricciolo that also speaks of accusations against parents of his assisted by the Michelazzo.


Explain that the Perricciolo had not talked to the famous pact of confidentiality. Since then, the Meadows and the Michelazzo not have respected, she has decided to release his interview. “He wanted to talk about, I repeat, without any compensation,” said lawyer Pamela Perricciolo.

The journalist who made the interview with Pamela Perricciolo for Fanpage, she's adamant that in the long chat is made, the lady has admitted to having “used” the child to interpret the son of Caltagirone, but he never talked about the disease. The child told his attorney that to the script, he had to pretend to be sick, having had a tumor. In the audio she sent also said to be in the hospital for chemotherapy.

Daniele, however, remember that even if there were a contract, it would not have value because we are not facing a fiction to interpret but a story that does not exist.

We can only wait for this interview is full of details which should be out on the Fanpage.en tonight.

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