In the afternoon on Rai 1 deleted by Channel 5: Geo is always fear. The data for listening to the January 7, 2019


Published on Jan 08, 2019


The Rai has done well to get on the air and also on the feasts of Christmas, The Paradise of the lord, and Come to me, trying to wink at the audience that was not on the other networks what he was looking for. Unfortunately, however, the 7 January, the programming of the afternoon Canale 5 is back to be the usual and the ratings are back to reward what it is today, the time of the day to beat. In the afternoon Canale 5 is to record ratings: from the numbers of the soap passing to the data of Men and Women, and closing with the Afternoon, the Five of us that does not fear rivals. Indeed, if anything, a short comparison will be with Rai 3 seen that Geo gained more and more viewers. And Rai 1 loses pieces probably due to the new quiz to be placed on Rai 2 that could be a new thorn in the side of the flagship network Rai. But as stated Freccero, by Rai 2 must get proposals that are complementary to the first network, to which the competition home there is all.

We therefore analyze the data of listening to relating to the the afternoon of January 7, 2019.

On Bbc1, Come to Me convinced 1.799.000 spectators equal to 12.2% of the audience. The Paradise of the Lord has a passionate 1.670.000 spectators equal to 13.7%. The TG1 has informed 1.260.000 viewers (10.8%), while the TG1 Economy has gathered 1.329.000 viewers (11.3%). Life Direct has collected 1.508.000 viewers with 12.6%, in the first part, and 1.949.000 spectators with 14%, in the second part.

To listen to Come to me drop compared to the weeks of christmas, no competition. Live life is his, the rest he has not impressed not even in the Christmas holidays, we expect a given different.

On Canale5 the bold and the Beautiful fan 2.674.000 viewers with 16.8%. A Life has convinced 2.750.000 viewers with 17.8% share. Men and Women concerned 3.074.000 viewers with 22.6% (final 2.738.000 – 22.8%). The first episode of Friends of Maria De Filippi – Towards the Evening marks 2.494.000 viewers and 21.2%. The Secret has achieved an average audience of 2.376.000 spectators equal to 20% of the share. Afternoon Five has made the company to 2.119.000 viewers (16.3%), in the first part, 2.413.000 viewers (16.2%), in the second part, and to 2.596.000 spectators (16%), in the third part of the short-term.

These data more than winning add to those of the Network 4, which always flies high with The door of the Forum: The Atm Forum was followed by 865.000 viewers with 5.8%.

And let's see how they respond Rai 2 and Rai 3

On Rai2 Said and Done he got 898.000 viewers with 6.6%. Open and Win has collected 623.000 viewers with 5.2%.

Waiting for you... Geo marks 930.000 viewers and 7.8%.Geo has recorded 1.932.000 viewers with 13.6%.

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