In the Afternoon, 5 the whole truth of Daniel's betrayal of Elena Moral Spark: and there is also a third man


Published on Nov 26, 2019


For months, it speaks of the alleged betrayal that Elena Moral, he would have done to the detriment of her boyfriend Spark. Elena had chosen to tell his version of the events from the Afternoon of 5, saying however that he was not a real betrayal. In fact, he admitted having had a relationship with this Daniel, of whom she had wanted to do the last name, but only in the period in which it had been in crisis with Spark. Today, however, in the study of Afternoon 5, the famous Daniel, was the guest of Barbara d'urso, because tired of all the lies told, he wanted to tell the truth and this time, unlike other people, it brings in direct evidence, including an engagement ring, photos and more. Not only. Launches several bombs: he speaks even of another man in the life of Elena Moral, and says he was her boyfriend until a week ago, then when he has decided to quit tired of all this history.

Today, after weeks of silence, Daniel wants to tell all:

“I have always preferred not to look because my work is another, and then because I preferred to protect the public image of Elena Morali. And’ lasted a year and two months, from 16 August 2018, and it ended five days ago with a phone call where Elena was hands-free with Gianluca Fubelli during which s / he is giving me advice on how to deal with Elena. Madness”,

Daniel brings to the studio, photos of travel, the exact dates, the audio ( which, however, for privacy are not made to listen to). And it is more than attentive to all the details that tells, impossible to think that he is lying.

Not only that, Daniel also launched another bomb: he said Elena was another man, a third person involved in this story.

“Spark in the beginning he did not know and I have accepted that she remained at the home of Spark for the period of Colorado because she had to work. In the meantime, we would travel, we would go out together, but I never agreed to do the lover. We went to the Maldives ( see photos), around the world, Spa, Disneyland. I accepted the whole situation because I was convinced that Colorado would be finished and everything would be fixed. Then Mediaset has changed programming and is finished in November”

Daniel also explains that when she went on tv to tell you that you were left felt betrayed because he had spoken of a man who was not fond of, but even in that case, had forgiven him. “You with the story of the panic attacks has been able to rigirarmi“. Daniel explains that they lived together, she has also furnished her house in Milan to feel more comfortable. And says that when the Spark was in America, she explained that Daniel was dead but that he continued to be felt so that had denounced him for stalkig.

As other evidence Daniel port in the studio in the Afternoon 5 the ring that he gave to Elena, the same one that she proudly shows in the various clips, also in the last one aired just last night to Live.

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