In ten, the Luino-Maccagno corsaro touches the company against the Belfortese. Ends 1-1

Published on Apr 10, 2017

On paper, the match of yesterday at the Park Margorabbia was difficult for the children of Andrea De Berardinis, who have not disfigured against the strong Belfortese, and also creating some problems to the opponents after the fantastic goal in the second half, scored from the axis Cannucciari-Ancelliero. The luinesi you are defended well and the only real opportunity to score, went ahead. The Belfortese has found the draw thanks to a penalty kick made by Tasco to 68esimo. Nothing is worth forcing the final of the guests, who were not able to find the winning goal, also thanks to the great saves of the young Civitillo. In ten, the Luino-Maccagno corsaro touches the company against the Belfortese. Ends 1-1. Spring has arrived also at the sports field of the Park Margorabbia of Luino, where yesterday afternoon the boys of De Berardinis have addressed the Belfrotese, strong team varese, who is fighting for the playoffs, and that occurred in the field with a trident, while the Luino forward it is entrusted to the usual Ancelliero supported by Follis. The match started with the boys of Casaroli in the attack, and already in the first few minutes is a great parade of Civitillo to deflect to a corner a free-kick Tasco. Always Belfortese forward shortly after, but Cereti inside the penalty area and pulls to the side. The varese continue to press, creating opportunities goals but without being dangerous in practice, and so the Luino tries to take advantage in the first half, on a corner of the guests for the postponement of the defence is reflected ball to Ancelliero, but the striker can't see Diana on the left, and so Binda recovers. Great game of defense of the Luino that allows few spaces to the opponents, and you can't even see real scoring opportunities in the first half. You must be so in the locker room on the right score of 0-0. The second time: Ancelliero ahead of her, Tasco manufactures a 1-1 draw from the penalty spot. To return to the field the Belfortese tries to go in the lead and going close when a cross from three-fourths for John-hit the head to the back, but the ball ends up first on the crossbar and then out. Lucchini and his companions, however, there are pressing more than the first, pressing high. So, at the 53rd, on a ball recovered in the mid-field is a splendid lob-assist Cannucciari to launch in the area Ancelliero that with a shot under the cross well, a soft shot under the seven that beating Marcon leads the luinesi advantage unexpectedly. Guests do not give up and start to attack without precision with a high shot of Cereti, but struggle to build up play and often rely on long balls, with the ball defensive luino area is good to close thanks to the good interventions of the Valley, Vigezzi, Arioli and Roman. The 65th, on one of these launches, Lazzarini falls in the area and the referee penalty. Large protests of the hosts for an offside to win previously, but for the whistle, no doubt about it. The ball goes Tasco that pulls at the corner. Civitillo predict the direction of the ball but can't get there. The score now is 1-1. The Belfortese looking for the three points, but on more than one occasion not to finalize the best under the door. The 77th Bosetti was sent off for a double yellow card, leaving his teammates outnumbered. Only a nice blow to the kidneys of the young goalkeeper luino area, Civitillo, blocks a good shot of Jack, launched into the area From Pos. De Berardinis try to maintain the tie, inserting Beaver, Raiser and Old to the place of Follis, Diana and Ancelliero. The match closes in a tie, in spite of some final gasp with two corner hazardous beaten by Belfortese. “We had a very good race, especially in defence, focusing on the penalty, – explains mister De Berardinis -. We could bring home the three points, but an episode, at least, doubt he has punished unjustly. The penalty was not there. Of course, after a 1-1 draw and we risked a lot, but even in numerical inferiority we were able to hold blow to a team that on paper and in the standings is superior to us. A result that bodes well for the upcoming races in view of playout”. The victory of the Solbiatese in Cugliate Fabiasco, it digs a small furrow between the area of salvation and the area of playout, with the residential area that now has three points from Mozzatese and +3 from Gerenzanese and from Viggiù. The next two matches, against the Antoniana away and the Solbiatese in the house, they will say what will be the future of the kids of De Berardinis and finally the opponents of the playout. Luino Maccagno: Civitillo, Arioli, Roman, Vallone, Vigezzi, Lucchini, Cannucciari, Bosetti, Ancelliero (90's Old), Diana (86' Raiser), Follis (80' Carroll). Available: De Giorgi, Iozzino. Coach: De Berardinis. Belfortese: Marcon, Binda, Lovisetto, Pos, Ossola, Beretta, John (65' Airoldi), Bonanni, Tasco, Cereti (77 Arena ), Lombardo (59' Lazzarini). Available: Filipino, Sinatra, Marian. Coach: Casaroli. 28th day of the tournament In the First Category, Lombardia. Arsaghese – Guanzatese 2-4, Cas Sacconago – Viggiù 4-1, Fagnano – Valceresio Audax 4-1, Gerenzanese – Saronno Robur 1-0, Gorla Maggiore – Mozzatese 2-1, Luino, Maccagno – Belfortese 1-1, The Union Of Three Valleys – Solbiatese 1-2, Vanzaghellese – Anthony 2-2. The ranking of the First Category, Lombardia (Group A): Guanzatese 62, Valceresio Audax 55, Fagnano 54, Gorla Maggiore and Arsaghese 53, Belfortese 52, Cas Sacconago 49, Vanzaghellese 37, Anthony 34, Union Three Valleys 31, Solbiatese 30, Mozzatese 26, Luino-Maccagno 23, Gerenzanese and Viggiù 20, Saronno Robur 17.

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