In Rome the festival of the arancina

Published on Apr 05, 2018

The arancina, strictly female, is celebrated the next weekend in Rome Eataly.

On the third floor you can enjoy different types of arancina prepared by some of the most famous names of sicilian cuisine, just to mention a few changes to the sauce, ham, cheese, butter, ham and mozzarella, but also versions more special as with the pistachios, mushrooms or bacon

Among those present: Bedda Matri, the Antica Focacceria San Francesco, the Sicilian Pastry Switzerland, The Cannoleria Sicilian Grandmother, Vincenza, Sicilianedde -street food is sicilian, as you can see, there will also be a selection of sweet, starting with cannoli, cassata and granita.

For those who don't love the arancini (is that possible?), there will be other delicacies from the sicilian bread and panelle and cazzilli, various types of bread cunzato, brioche and so much more, you can enjoy buying coins, different possibilities and the costs, for singles, for couples, for students, for the purchase of wine and beer you will need the tokens.

The three days also provides cooking lessons where clearly other do not prepare the arancina, a classic version and tasty, also will set up a sort of market where you can buy and taste the typical products of Sicily, a frame carts and typical ceramics.

The entrance to the event is free of charge, for info on the purchase of the coins, details about the producers and timetables please consult the website of Eataly.


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